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Search results

  1. treerat

    Mossberg 835 Turkey Shotgun

    Mossberg 835 ultra 12 guage 3.5 inch camo turkey shotgun. Like new, used 3 seasons, under 10 shots. Includes picattiny rail and 11 rounds of turkey ammo plus 5 rounds of 00 buck shot (not shown). $450 plus FFL fee obo. Located in Dubuque. Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
  2. treerat

    IW decal for Strother Archery decal

    I am looking for a strother archery decal for my truck. Anyone have one and willing to trade for a Iowawhitetail.com decal?
  3. treerat

    Squirrel shortage?

    I have spent about 8 hours on stand this season in far northeast Iowa and have yet to see a single squirrel. Not complaining, but was there some sort of a die-off?
  4. treerat

    Deer Classic Big Buck Contest

    I am planning on going to the show for the first time this weekend and entering a buck into the contest. Anyone know what time entered heads can be brought home on Sunday? Sounds like they can be entered anytime Friday through Sunday but I am curious what time they can be picked up. Thanks...
  5. treerat

    Muddy 4 - pack of climbing sticks

    I am selling an unopened box containing 4 Muddy 32 inch climbing sticks. $120 shipped or $105 if you pick up in Dubuque. Pm if interested.
  6. treerat

    Heater Body Suit on ebay

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Heater-Body-Suit-2012-Model-Multiple-Sizes-Patterns-/251312716035?var= This is not mine but a good deal on heater body suits.
  7. treerat

    Covert MP6 New

    New covert mp6 infrared camera in sealed package. $120 shipped. PM if interested.
  8. treerat

    Heater Body Suit - extra tall

    Advantage timber extra tall heater body suit. Water resistant. Has double straps for backpack style carry. For 6 to 6' 5" height hunter. New, never worn, but no tags. $285 OBO to your door.
  9. treerat

    Aerial Cover Crop Seeding

    This is paragraph from the latest Allamakee County Soil and Water conservation newsletter, describing arial cover crop seeding performed last year: The SWCD partnered with Hall Robert’s Son Inc., a seed company in Postville, IA, and Klinkenborg Aerial Spraying of Parkersburg, IA to seed...
  10. treerat

    Sweet Deals

    Since it is Christmas shopping seasons and great bargains are popping up, I thought I would start a thread for us to post some of the better bargains we are finding. Anyway, today I purchased a set of Vortex Crossfire 10X42 binoculars from cabelas for 69.88, less than 1/2 price. Not sure how...
  11. treerat

    T/C Omega and Nikon Omega scope combo

    Selling my muzzleloader and scope combo. Gun is a black/blued T/C Omega .50 cal. Scope is a 3-9 x 40 Omega made by Nikon. Mounted with a set of T/C gorilla mounts and upgraded aluminum ramrod and stock sling swivels. This set shows no sign of wear because I rarely use it, which is why I am...
  12. treerat

    Rut Intensity

    Reading the other thread about deer numbers got me thinking... Are you guys seeing the increased “rut intensity” that some feel reduced doe numbers are suppose to bring? Through 2008, the few mature bucks I shot were pushing a doe hard, right past my stand. I encountered several others that came...
  13. treerat

    CamLock box for Moultrie I-40, I-60

    One of my Moultrie cameras died so I am selling the steel security box. Allows use of a python cable through camera and box while lagged to the tree. Cover can be padlocked. Painted camo with custom leaf camo added :grin: Also fits M40 and M60 models. $35 delivered to your door. PM me if...
  14. treerat

    Continuous vs. General CRP for Deer

    Guys, I am planning to sign up 20 acres for CRP this month and debating between utilizing the general sign-up or the CP-38 continuous sign-up. With the continuous, you get better rental rates and cost share. However, my primary goal is deer cover. The following mix looks like the best "tall...
  15. treerat

    Three hours later...

    I went out Saturday morning with low expectations, thinking I would be planting trees by about 7:00. I heard a tom gobble about 400 yards away at 5:30 and he was the closest bird by far. I figured that I would make the best of it and threw every call I had at him. He kept hanging up at about...
  16. treerat

    WI Turkey Hunters - FYI

    Well, this was my third consecutive season of failing to draw a Wisconsin Non-resident tag. In my particular zone of interest, landowners draw a tag every year, for whatever season they choose. Other residents draw almost every year for seasons 1-3 and every year for seasons 4-6. I had been...
  17. treerat

    Treerat's 11 pt

    On Saturday morning, I decided to sit in a stand stand where I had seen 5 or 6 different 2.5/3.5 year olds last year and was hoping that one would come by with larger headgear. After a half hour on stand, the does began entering the creek bottom. About 15 minutes later, a dozen cows entered...
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