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  1. tall@wide

    Hunting deals- post em up

    Don't get me wrong, I like it. It is very comfortable to wear. I am obviously in the minority thinking it's not super warm.
  2. tall@wide

    Hunting deals- post em up

    Interesting we have different views on it. I wear mine into the 30s but below that I switch over to the MT050.
  3. tall@wide

    Hunting deals- post em up

    What do you guys think about Sitka? I have the fanatic jacket, pants, and hat. I think they are comfortable but not super warm. My Cabelas MT050 is much warmer.
  4. tall@wide

    2022 Rut vs Previous years??

    In Illinois I think unlimited out of state archery tags, outfitters, and crossbows have finally caught up to the state. Now it seems like most of the bucks that reach maturity are cull type bucks. The bucks that have good genetics get shot when they are 2-3 years old. I really hope Iowa can...
  5. tall@wide

    Starting to think cell cams….

    I agree with the original post. Everyone wants it easy today. cell cams, bait, crossbows, etc...I think the one thing that could make the most difference of anything would be a 1 buck per season limit. People would really think hard before shooting that 130 inch 2 year old (or they would just...
  6. tall@wide

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Today was the chasing day in West Central Illinois. Every doe was being followed or pushed. Everyone said the same thing today.
  7. tall@wide

    Jared Mills leaving Midwest Whitetail

    I felt like something was up when he sold his share of the river farm to Mike. Maybe some conflict? Since he doesn't have anything lined up out of Midwest Whitetail it makes you wonder.
  8. tall@wide

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    I've seen a big drop in off deer movement the last couple of days as well. Both from the stand and on trail camera.
  9. tall@wide

    Passing bucks and success rate

    I pass almost every buck I see because I'm not interested in shooting them and if they get shot by a neighbor there is nothing I can do about it. I'd say about 1 out of every 4 bucks I pass survives the season. All it takes is one or two weak links in the management for mature bucks around the...
  10. tall@wide

    October cold front is upon us

    This has been the best October hunting I have ever seen. The cold weather has made for some great hunts. I haven't touched the release off yet but should have on a couple of old culls. The older I get, the easier it is to talk myself out of shooting a buck. I just hope we don't pay for all this...
  11. tall@wide

    Cheaper Cams to Replace Moultries

    I do not like my Brownings. The nighttime pictures are so blurry, they are pretty much unusable. The night pictures that are not blurry when the animal is standing still, are still poor quality. I have Patriots and dark ops. I will never buy Brownings again because of this.
  12. tall@wide

    Land prices / insane!!!

    I agree, unless it's a top notch hunting farm. Then a cash buyer will come in and buy it immediately.
  13. tall@wide

    Land prices / insane!!!

    I see what you are saying, but you only get a small percentage in interest paid back when you deduct it on your taxes. It's not like you are getting a full refund for it. Also, in Skip's example he used 7% and if that is over 30 years, it's around $420,000 paid in interest alone.
  14. tall@wide

    Land prices / insane!!!

    This is one thing people don't really consider as close as they should when buying land. I've seen people buying a farm and they finance most of it. They say it's a great investment, and I say have you looked to see exactly how much you are paying in interest every month? They always say no, not...
  15. tall@wide

    Land prices / insane!!!

    This farm went into a bidding war the day after it was listed. It sold for at least $500 acre more than the list price. Someone paid way too much IMO.
  16. tall@wide

    Land prices / insane!!!

    It's unbelievable what they are still asking for some of these rec tracts in Illinois (and Iowa). The amazing part is people are still buying them. I made an offer a couple days ago on an all wooded tract with no income and timber had been thinned a few years ago. They declined and listed it...
  17. tall@wide

    200 inchers?

    Agreed. What Illinois is doing to the deer hunting is based on short term gains and more revenue. Allowing unlimited out of state tags, crossbows, straight wall cartridges next year, and nonresidents to take 2 bucks are all designed to bring in more hunters, and more money. In the long run it's...
  18. tall@wide

    Consensus on 2022 antler growth

    My cameras show average growth. I had a mature 8pt that stayed the same with no growth, and a mature 10 pt that got weak on one side this year. All in all, average growth.
  19. tall@wide

    200 inchers?

    Same thing plays out every year now. Hunters come from all over the USA to hunt Illinois with their new crossbows. They arrive with high hopes of a booner and scout the small farm the first day spooking all the deer. After a couple of days of pounding a 100 acre farm with multiple hunters they...
  20. tall@wide

    If you could pick the Day, Weather, Ground condition, and Wind direction to Bow hunt what day would it be??

    A January day with snow on the ground and bitterly cold. North or west wind, and hunting over a soybean plot. I see every buck on my farm that time of year (broken racks are the only problem). I'm starting to like the last week of October on a good cold front too.
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