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  1. dbltree

    QDMA Deer Steward I course Fairfield, IA

    QDMA is having a Deer Steward course in Fairfield Iowa May 17-20 Register here: QDMA Deer Steward Course My friends Kip Adams, Matt Ross and many others with a wealth of knowledge will be there...:way:
  2. dbltree

    Herd Management

    Good topic, to which can bring all kinds of discussion, opinions and the like so let's open that discussion here by moving the following post to this portion of the forums.. Few thoughts on this subject... 1) Yearling buck dispersal is natures way of preventing inbreeding and getting new...
  3. dbltree

    Equipment Trailer for sale

    1995 17ft. White Equipment Trailer with tandem 5200# axles, 2 5/16 14,000 hitch, electric brakes with breakaway, lights good, tires new. Steel deck, heavy duty D-Ring tie downs...great trailer but I had to move up to a longer trailer. Can be seen on Hwy 1 just north of Birmingham at...
  4. dbltree

    Dbltree's Dream

    became a reality for me yesterday when I was able to harvest a mature buck that has spent most of his life on my farm. I have trail cam history and story in my life journal My Journal Holding mature whitetails on small farms is not easy so I feel blessed to have not only done so but to...
  5. dbltree

    Buck in a funnel...

    is hard to resist and easier to kill...;) Story and more pics in my Journal... My Journal Congrats to all those who have been successful and good luck to everyone...:way:
  6. dbltree

    Tree stand precaution

    My friend Rich Baugh sent me a pic of something to watch out for if you leave your stands up year around...chewed straps! Stepping into a stand like that could end up badly so be sure to check things over carefully before season starts and remember to use your safety harness...:way:
  7. dbltree

    Long walk...

    Dang...this cougar went for along walk... :eek: Cross country cougar
  8. dbltree

    Southern Flooding

    Tunica Mississippi.... :( How many didn't find a porch to climb on?? :?
  9. dbltree

    To catch a thief...

    a shed thief that is! This guy is a pro and traveled daily from farm to farm in Van Buren county often as much as 15 miles apart. He wears a mask and targets larger farms that he knows are managed for big deer. All of these pictures are from farms that belong to friends of mine and not my own...
  10. dbltree

    JD790 Tractor for sale

    I need to move up to a larger tractor so I'm offering my JD790 for sale... 30hp, 4x4, loader 550 hours, stored inside....$12,500 Here's an idea of average prices JD790 Prices Very versatile tractor p.m. me or email [email protected]
  11. dbltree

    Dbltree's Corner at the Classic

    Stop by and say hi if you attend the Classic this weekend! My friend Jim Mathias of Lick Creek Enterprises and my wife share a booth there and I'll be sandwiched between them...:D Check out Jim's custom made blinds While your wife shops for handbags... Right down from the Iowawhitetail...
  12. dbltree

    Operation Outreach

    Outreach outdoors has several members working with different people and situations to reach out to others. One of these efforts involves sending hunting magazines and DVD's to the troops, something they very much appreciate. We are going to have a drop off box at the Outreach Outdoors booth at...
  13. dbltree

    Prescribed Fire Workshop for Landowners

    Prescribed Fire Workshop for Landowners Friday, February 4, 2011 8:30 am Registration (coffee & rolls) 9:00 am - 4:00 pm - Workshop Cost: $10.00 Lunch will be provided Louisa County Conservation Office 12635 Co Rd G56, Wapello, IA 52653 Who should attend? Landowners who are interested in...
  14. dbltree

    Cam height/position

    Well after the incident with the trespasser and countless pictures of bucks shying away from the cams night or day I decided to pickup a very lite aluminum 3 step ladder and mount them up out of reach. The red glow on the BTC's is not as noticeable if one is not looking directly at it so I hope...
  15. dbltree


    Well I finally caught one...kinda...:rolleyes: I passed this guy on the road a 100 yards from my property...waved to him as i went by. Went in hunting, came out at dark to see fresh boot tracks coming out and on into the neighbors property. He walked by 10' from a big yellow "No Trespassing"...
  16. dbltree

    Seasons in pictures

    I keep a Life Journal in which I have probably hundreds of pictures from past and present hunting seasons. I have a Canon Rebel XT now that allows me to take better quality pics although I am still learning how to use it in low light on moving targets. At any rate some of you may enjoy the...
  17. dbltree

    Vote for Joe

    Forgive me if this has been posted already but Joe Hamilton is a huge part of the Quality Deer Management Association and a dedicated conservationist. We have the opportunity to vote for Joe for Conservationist of the Year award and should he win Budweiser will donate $50,000 to QDMA. Most of...
  18. dbltree

    Ground Blinds

    I love being in a tree stand where I can see the fields and timber unless....it's raining, snowing, blowing, bitter cold or...all of the above! :eek: :D Ground blinds are an extremely useful and sometimes necessary part of any landowners over all plan and I have used them successfully for 15...
  19. dbltree

    I love windy weather!

    I had my sights set on a double brow 12 point but old eyes and low light are apparently a bad combination...:D One only has milliseconds and in that brief moment in time I burped, he stopped and a 100 grain Muzzy slammed through both shoulders...end of story....:way: I do have the LONG...
  20. dbltree

    Daylight movement at the Doubletree

    It's pretty tough for deer to move on my place without getting their picture taken so I'm always pretty confident if movement is nocturnal or switching to daylight... This is the first daylight movement of a buck I have been watching all summer...time just before 6:00 p.m. Typical with...
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