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  1. Ishi

    At Least it Wasn’t a _ _ _ _ Broadhead

    After 31 years of doing animal science I’ve found many interesting things and today was another. The hunter said from TC pics the buck lost his right eye last year. I couldn’t tell that a broken arrow was even there until I got to the eye and sew the shaft that was barely sticking out. It...
  2. Ishi

    Veterans Day Same Tree Back to Back

    I shot a buck here last year on Veterans Day but it took a few months to finish the story after things went bad. I hunted this tree a couple times already and seen deer but it requires a SW,W,NW wind. It’s super thick with only two shooting widows and visibility is very limited. The tree only...
  3. Ishi

    Two Different Tree Stand Projects

    This year I did a couple different improvement to my tree stands. The goal is to increase the grip, limit the edges and soften the noise and to give a personal touch with one method. The early season stand was quick and easy to fix up. I purchase Slayer Tape from LWCG and cut the pieces to...
  4. Ishi

    Sharpening Broadheads and Replacement Blades

    I’ve put off starting this thread for some time but I sharpened a IW that was a pass through and buried in the dirt so I took pics to write up a thread. Many friends have asked myself how to do it and I show them so I wanted to share it here! The trick is to get a even burr that keeps rolling as...
  5. Ishi

    The End to a Four Month Saga

    A long read November 11 Veterans Day I left the truck for a all day hunt to a tree that requires a west wind of some sort. It had rained a little in the night and not far from the truck I seen a couple sets of eyes. One set of eyes looked like it had good width and both just stood there by a...
  6. Ishi

    Late Season Bow Kill

    I normally don’t hunt the late season if I don’t tag during the first bow season but with the temps December 23 at 53 degrees I had to go. So I did a afternoon hang & hunt and was tucked in at 1:00. I was in the same tree that I closed down the first season on the last day and had 4 bucks come...
  7. Ishi

    Aging Your Deer

    Here are some tips and steps on aging whitetails. I’m only familiar with DeerAge.com and have used them for 4 years now. First let’s get the front two teeth out. Cut the skin away on the lower jaw. If you want the deer mounted let your taxidermist cut the skin. Take a small knife and you will...
  8. Ishi

    Never Forget

    Take a moment today to remember the lives that were lost Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ishi

    Foggy Morning Clean Decap

    I’ve been having tough luck on birds wanting to commit since the opener but the farms I’m hunting have a good supply of toms. This morning the toms were fired up and I was working two birds over the hill since fly down. One of the toms peeked over the hill but went back to his side and kept...
  10. Ishi

    High & Tight

    My Bonus Hunt October buck is done. He has smaller mass, crazy height and a 13 7/8 inside spread and will be a great addition to the deer room. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Ishi

    Dried Venison (Deer)

    Dried Venison (Deer) This is a simple recipe and by following the very important basic steps great results will be achieved. I’ve cured many football shaped roasts and the middle never seemed to get cured enough even though they were under 2 1/2 inches thick. If I ever cure the football shaped...
  12. Ishi

    Bonus Hunt

    My buddy and had our annual Halloween hunt lined up plus several other days. My plan was to pull the SD cards before I went to his place. As luck would have it I got off work at 10:00 AM so a bonus hunt would be in order. I had everything ready and quickly loaded up the truck and headed out...
  13. Ishi

    Sitka Fanatic Lite EVII Set XL/ FS

    Sitka Fanatic Lite in EVII with tags both are XL in size. Always stored in a tote and always carried to the stand and both are in excellent shape. Asking 425$ and can be shipped or could possibly meet. If shipped PayPal only. Items will be crossed posted. If interested or questions send a PM...
  14. Ishi

    Bullhead Body Shot

    I set the blind this morning in the same spot as yesterday. Gobblers were on all sides of the blind just like yesterday. They quit gobbling after they hit the ground. The same four birds I’m sure came over the same hill with a couple hens and they vanished in the bottom. 8:30 I was daydreaming...
  15. Ishi

    Snow Bird

    I left the blind out last night so wouldn’t have to set it up in the snow and nothing was seen last night. This morning the toms were really gobbling good till 9:00. I seen a few in the bottoms and around 9:30 a three pack of longbeards came over the hill a good quarter mile away and two dirty...
  16. Ishi

    I Feel Sorry For The Guys That Scheduled a........

    I’ve been seeing commercials on tv that the medical profession encourage men to schedule a vasectomy for the first week of March Madness. I know of guys that have done this in years past but I really feel sorry for the ones that are doing it this year after the knee jerk reaction today of the...
  17. Ishi

    Iron Will V100 Broadheads F/S

    I’m posting these here first before cross posting. I have six for sale and none were ever shot. They are scalpel sharp. Blade is 1 1/16 wide with a 3/4 inch bleeder blade. 80$ for a three pack or all six for 150$. I can ship if needed. PayPal only if shipped. Sent from my iPhone using...
  18. Ishi

    EHD Survivors?

    I’ve taken in several deer in fact five this year that have this abnormally on the brisket. Another one came in yesterday that also has this in the same spot. That’s when the light bulb came on. I don’t remember seeing these spots during the last EHD outbreak. These deer are coming from many...
  19. Ishi

    Cape Buffalo

    Slow time now in the stand. Had this buck come by chasing a doe November 5. I pulled the cards that night and had him on three separate cameras. He’s really messed up and my first impression is he has the pissed off attitude like a Cape buffalo. His left ear is pinned back from the cluster...
  20. Ishi

    XOP Climbing Sticks Recall

    Take note if you purchased XOP Climbing Sticks! https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2019/xtreme-outdoor-products-recalls-climbing-sticks-due-to-fall-hazard-and-risk-of-serious
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