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    UTV alternatives …. Mine …

    I typically plow a path in my yard for more area for the dog to run. The reason it doesn’t work well is with the actuator the blade is in a fixed position, it can’t come up or down to adjust to the level of the grass/dirt. Unlike a winch that would allow the blade to “float” up with any...
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    UTV alternatives …. Mine …

    Yes, as a SXS. In my county they can be driven on any County roads, gravel or pavement.
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    UTV alternatives …. Mine …

    There are places that will import them, and a few dealers. I found this one on facebook marketplace. If you google “mini truck” you’ll find lots of resources. Checkout https://mudbugminitrucks.com he customizes them and sells them. I do plow snow with it. It has a 6’ blade with an...
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    UTV alternatives …. Mine …

    I’ve got about $8k in it with the tires/rims. Not bad compared to a full cab sxs with heat. It’s also got a snow plow which is handy.
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    UTV alternatives …. Mine …

    Here’s mine, definitely not as powerful as a side by side, but very functional and a lot cheaper! 2001 Daihatsu Hijet
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    Tree Tubes

    The cheapest place I found them was Redfern Farm, they sell the 5' plantra tubes with the fiberglass rod for $5. Or at least they did a year or so ago.
  7. W

    tree tube posts/stakes

    I'm not sure what tubes your planning on using, but I found it cheaper to get the Plantra tubes and stakes from Red Fern Farm in Wapello. Its $5 for a 5' tube and the fiberglass stake and they usually throw in a pounder. I have put in roughly 200 of these and they seem to be working well over...
  8. W


    Did you plant some RR Sugarbeets in 2019 Skip? Are they deregulated yet? I am wanting to try some, but dont have the time or equipment to plant them if they're not RR. I cant find a source for them. Thanks!
  9. W

    Fishing Resort Recommendations

    I will take a look at Longville as well. Anyone have any personal experience with any resorts in that area? Thanks!
  10. W

    Fishing Resort Recommendations

    Perfect, I will take a look at Blackduck lake and Dunrovin Resort. Thanks!
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    Fishing Resort Recommendations

    My family (6 adults and 4 kids) and I are looking for recommendations on resorts for a vacation in August. Last year we went to Lake Chetek, fishing was slow and tons of people on the water. A beach/pool is necessary for the kids along with a place to dock a boat. We are wanting a smaller...
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    Acorns to Oaks!

    Skip, What fungicides & insecticides did you use? What were the issues you were having? I have had some issues with fungus gnats.
  13. W

    Miscanthus x Gianteus

    I have 300 rhizomes showing up today or tomorrow from maple river and plan to plant this weekend. I sprayed the intended planting areas with gly, prowl and simazine a couple days ago. These plantings will be for screening. I was going to do 2 rows and alternate planting 18" apart in each row...
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    Apple/Pear Trees

    I have 30 apples and 10 pears in the same situation as SB3. I have moved mine into 2 gallon root pouches with intentions of planting most of them this fall and giving a few away. Once I have confirmed the graft has taken should I be removing any growth from below the graft? If the graft has...
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    Apple/Pear Trees

    I've got 20 mm111 rootstock, 10 p18 rootstock, 5 ohxf87 and 5 ohxf97 on order from Cummins. I am planning on grafting as soon as possible then placing them in cold dark storage, hopefully 40-50 degrees for a couple weeks for the grafts to callus over. Then I will likely plant in their final...
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    Saskguy in "Big Buck" Magazine

    Great article on a great buck!Congrats Saskguy!
  17. W

    Taxidermist - Recommendations for a Black Bear Rug

    Re: Taxidermist - Recommendations for a Black Bear Could everyone that PM'd me names please send me phone numbers. Thanks Guys!
  18. W

    Taxidermist - Recommendations for a Black Bear Rug

    I know its not a whitetail, but I just got back from a successful black bear hunt in Canada and I have no idea who to take the bear to, any help will be great, thanks guys!
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