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    Lease rate

    Rifles in our Southern counties, shed bucks and piles of antlerless deer getting whacked is a product of the limited access/leasing trends as well. When you have large chunks of land locked up by just a few people, well you see where that went. The Ag lobby and State step in...
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    Lease rate

    The nice thing about leasing is you can wait for the first lease owner to get the herd and property straightened around, then come in and throw a little more money at the farmer than the first guy and it's all yours! When all you guys who love to lease get everything locked up and the rest of us...
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    IBA promotional membership drive

    Why take our politics to other message boards? The only people who have a say in this stuff are Iowa residents.... I'm glad the bill was killed. I'm glad to see the IBA fighting and I hope this push for membership stays strong. People just need to know what the IBA is, what they do and...
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    IBA: I got tired.....

    Very nice!
  5. R

    Hf 42

    There are certain areas of the Mississippi River this could be done at night with lights.
  6. R


    Lets just make everything easy, so EVERYBODY can play right? We are now living in the generation of "every kid gets a trophy".
  7. R

    whitetail doe with ear tags and collar??

    Orphaned, raised, collar and tags placed in hopes of preserving it's life....happens more than you'd think.
  8. R

    Iowa Bowhunters Association

    We could talk all day about how the IBA members and their grass roots politics have kept Iowa's deer hunting in the best interest of it's residents. There is no other organization that protects the Iowa deer hunter and our Iowa deer hunting heritage like the IBA does. What all this comes...
  9. R

    Total deer harvest

    They may have reduced antlerless tags, but some county's reduction wasn't below the amount of tags they sold in previous years. Sounds good to those not paying attention......politics.
  10. R

    Cross Bows in Iowa....? I hope not

    Won't be long and Farm Bureau will start a crossbow lobby.;)
  11. R

    The biggest threat:

    The only group in the entire State that actively campaigned against Iowa's Water and Land Legacy. http://iowaswaterandlandlegacy.org/
  12. R

    The biggest threat:

    Farm Bureau, hands down the most anti conservation group in this State!
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    Cross Bows in Iowa....? I hope not

    Every kid should get a trophy right?! Nobody wants to work for it anymore. It's the way of todays world for sure. I'll fight to keep them out of regular archery season. BTW, usually the manufacturers are the only one's trying to legislate them into our seasons. Money, money money.......
  14. R

    Help me find Bill Winke Video- Euro Mount

    Any part of the antlers which are closely exposed to steam should be wrapped with foil. If not they may become stained, especially if you use a little detergent to help the cleaning process. Don't have to wrap whole rack, just what's closest to the water.
  15. R

    How many of the master debaters here recently

    You only need the bullseye on the shirt if you want to change our deer regs. ;)
  16. R

    How many of the master debaters here recently

    They do, but the IBA banquet is a better place to spend your money, bowhunter or not. WTU is pretty generic and for amount of money they rake in, it never seems to be spent local on a regular basis. You'd probably run into more folks from this site at the IBA banquet also. No finer banquet in...
  17. R

    Deer Harvest Update

    HAHA, that about sums it up..... You make it sound like Branstad could be liberal....
  18. R

    Dirty Politics Deer Management Article F&S

    His character will carry him well beyond that reprimand. Here's to "walking funny".
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    A Good Iowa Whiskey or Bourbon

    http://mrdistilling.com/ Cody Road Bourbon
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