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  1. letemgrow

    I HATE COYOTES!!!!!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. letemgrow

    I HATE COYOTES!!!!!!!!

    Those coyote dogs will range MILES from the drop off point. We had a few instances where they were dropped off east of Mercer, MO and ended up in Princeton, MO....
  3. letemgrow

    How much are land consulting costs?

    The cream always rises to the top. People with talent can make as much $$$ as they want to charge.
  4. letemgrow

    How much are land consulting costs?

    I always thought it would be interesting to get 3-4 of the top tier consultants to all write up a plan for the same piece of property and see where the differences are.
  5. letemgrow

    Racoon Management changes for iowa???

    I don't think you'll ever be able to put liberal and logic in the same sentence....
  6. letemgrow

    Garmin Livescope

    Is the livescope transducer the only thing needed to hook up to a garmin SV unit for this function?
  7. letemgrow

    Preparing for a timber harvest

    I always though some of that shagbark hickory looked as good as walnut.
  8. letemgrow

    Good podcast sent to me- regulations, future of hunting…

    I’m going on year 4 (I think) sans APR’s since I’m in a CWD zone. They shot over 400 deer over those years in the 3x3 mile section to test for CWD after the seasons ended. My farm had the best year it’s had in a while with buck quality. I’d consider only one an “oops” Sent from my...
  9. letemgrow

    Good podcast sent to me- regulations, future of hunting…

    I think the APR was implemented and wanted by the most hunters because they don't want to change. If they did, there would already have been a better age structure to begin with. APR's were the least invasive option and were going to yield the least impressive results. You would have a hard...
  10. letemgrow

    Good podcast sent to me- regulations, future of hunting…

    They are for the way the majority of people think here. I don't see that the MDC has ever put age structure as a top priority for any of their decisions.
  11. letemgrow

    Good podcast sent to me- regulations, future of hunting…

    I get 10 CWD tags a year for my property in Mercer County, and I can give a portion or all of those to someone else if I so choose. They're great for removing older bucks that people don't want to shoot. If someone wants to just fill buck tags...it could get ugly no doubt with rifles and all...
  12. letemgrow

    $30,000 an acre farm land.

    It seems crazy now to think that land was going for $250 an acre in northern MO during the 80's with the high interest rates. Not primo river bottom ground.
  13. letemgrow

    Thoughts on my new farm?

    The seed can lay dormant for a LONG time. It'll be a battle for years to eradicate every single plant that will come up. The RR beans are going to do wonders. I have that crap popping up here and there any place I kill the fescue sod off. Have two new "hot spots" to nuke this coming year.
  14. letemgrow

    The buck that went 186 miles

    Is there more to be published on this? I’ve been looking to see if they have a final report or any more updates to share on the telemetry study. Fascinating stuff is right! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. letemgrow

    Apple/Pear Trees

    I'd get started now looking for rootstock. I think most sell out long before spring hits. What I've done in the past to save a few varieties to graft later (when rootstocks are sold out) is graft to an apple tree I have access to. For me, this is at my house so I can continue to obtain...
  16. letemgrow

    PERFECT LIME & FERTILIZER!!! Not practical small scale.

    Is that compost from the city or what was used originally to produce the compost?
  17. letemgrow

    Another giant elk taken in PA

    I'd think the eastern states with the unlimited habitat and few tags made available would be smashing all the records soon enough compared to the western states.
  18. letemgrow

    60-year-old Typical found at garage sale new PA state record

    It's interesting how there's still so many bucks on top of the record books from way back in the day when there weren't nearly as many deer and not as good of an age structure.
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