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Search results


    2020 public land buck

    Congrats and great read!

    Son connected!

    Congrats young man!!!

    RED IS DEAD... Rudolph’s cousin....

    Great buck!

    20-21 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Team 7 152 3/8 Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk

    It's been a while!

    I'm on vacation til the Monday before Thanksgiving, making sure to give myself plenty of time in the tree. Anymore I spend most of my time trying to get my son on deer and I seem to spend alot of my time in the tree just watching anymore and just enjoying the woods. This guy has some great...

    Sir Walter

    Great buck!!

    The Prodigy Buck

    Great buck! Congrats! I bet you are glad you passed on a couple solid bucks to wait for him!!

    Bonus Hunt

    Great buck!!!! Congratulations to you!

    Rut report 2020

    Haha! Says the man with 2 studs on the ground! Congrats again bud!
  10. 4DABUCKS

    Bye bye 8

    Awesome 8 pt!!! Great job
  11. 4DABUCKS

    Nets are for fishing:-)!

    Great buck! Congrats!
  12. 4DABUCKS

    Cal’s Buck

    Congratulations young man on a fine buck!!
  13. 4DABUCKS

    Early muzzle loader sucess!

    That lil turd has been helping out @ the shop to earn his own $!! I told him I'll pay for last years and he can pay for this years if he gets one! Well low and behold he got it done last night and I told him it's his turn to pay, he just laughs and says (COME ON DAD I KNOW UR JOKING)!!! Sent...
  14. 4DABUCKS

    My first early Oct buck - "Custer"

    Great buck!! Congrats!
  15. 4DABUCKS

    Youth Early Muzzleloader

    Great buck! Congratulations young man!!
  16. 4DABUCKS

    Early muzzle loader sucess!

  17. 4DABUCKS

    Gator Buck’s Reign Ended.....

    Great buck Skip!!
  18. 4DABUCKS

    Abby dumps a good one

    Awesome job! Congrats to all!
  19. 4DABUCKS

    First Western Hunt

    Congrats! Nice job on the write up!
  20. 4DABUCKS

    Good start to season....

    Awesome job!! Congratulations to everyone!!
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