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Search results

  1. tigejones

    Where are all the WORKERS?

    My son is currently in his 3rd year of an electrical apprenticeship. He has always loved working with his hands and wasn't much for school. He is having a blast!!. I also was part of a Trades job fair this past winter here in DSM. There were over 5K students from all around the state that...
  2. tigejones


    IBH, my son and I went down there Sunday to help with the clean-up. We hunt about 300 yards north of there. Pictures just don't do justice. Mother Nature is amazing and sometime evil. Prayers to everyone that was impacted.
  3. tigejones

    HF 2069 cost of registering canoes and kayaks

    Love this, I bike between 2000-2500 miles a year including 25+ Ragbrai's. Iowa has the best trail system in the country.
  4. tigejones

    HF 2069 cost of registering canoes and kayaks

    Easy on the bike trails. The Raccoon Trail in central IA does charge an annual usage fee.
  5. tigejones

    21-22 Pheasant Season

    We have had some decent success in central IA. The last time we went out (Friday after Thanksgiving) we shot our 5 man limit before noon. No pics with my lab. Great family dog, but he is afraid of his own shadow so not much for hunting :(
  6. tigejones

    Improving Website??? - Ideas, input, suggestions.....

    sorry, i will re-phrase. Is there an app that I can download for iphone or does everyone just access via the internet?
  7. tigejones

    Improving Website??? - Ideas, input, suggestions.....

    what is the name of the app you use to access IAwhitetail?
  8. tigejones

    Recent Site Updates: Social Media Account Connections and Links Added

    Thanks for these additions, I got a new truck and needed a new decal so I used the gear link to order a hat!!!
  9. tigejones

    2021-22 Team Contest Sign Up

    1. Birddown101 2. buckhunter92 3. Hardwood11 4. Entropyfx 5. Chadw. 6. Hillrunner 7. Meyeri 8. Elvis188 9. Jbohn 10. IowaBowHunter1983 11. northcedar 12. Hair&Scales 13. bowhunter365 14. Tmayer13 15. Eatsleephunt 16. Wi transplant 17. Kkoppy 18. 203ntyp 19. Sligh1 20. TimmyD525 21. showstopper...
  10. tigejones

    Let’s Eat! (The Ishi legacy thread)

    Skip For pheasant I do a quick pan fry and then put in crock pot with cream of mushroom soup and let it cook on low for about 4 hrs. Family loves it!
  11. tigejones

    2020 Buck

    Where at in NE?
  12. tigejones

    Mobile Bow Shop Station

    Great idea with the bike stand, i will have another use for mine now.
  13. tigejones

    Moosehunter finally has a season

    Congrats and way to keep fighting sir!!
  14. tigejones

    DiamondBack AR's

    Does anyone have any experience with Diamondback AR's? I am looking at the DB10 308 and was wanting to know if anyone has any feedback. Thanks in advance!!
  15. tigejones

    19-20 Team Contest Sign Up

    Yes please
  16. tigejones

    DWGH Farm Projects Thread 2019

    Damn that could smoke a lot of meat.
  17. tigejones

    Trophy room upgrades

    that is awesome
  18. tigejones

    Scratch #2 down

    Nicely done Muddy, I hate to run and will stick to biking.
  19. tigejones

    2018 Rut report

    Keep at it Dylan...Eli shoot 2 on Saturday evening...Unfortunately they were both trees...LOL
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