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    I HATE COYOTES!!!!!!!!

    The coyote rut has started. Been wacking a few. Thermal Hunters really have been decimating the numbers up here. Edit to Add, Sligh your really going to like those thermal Monoculars, Been running Pulsar Thermion Rifle scopes, and those identical Monoculars. Pulsar makes great Thermals.
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    Chinese Balloon in US airspace?

    Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought object's entering US airspace,(like this balloon) would be shot down in minutes. It seems someone, or some country is pushing buttons to see where their limitations are.
  3. T


    Before this thread I didn't even know who these people are. Still dont. I must be out of the loop. Never cared much about celebrity deer hunters.
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    I HATE COYOTES!!!!!!!!

    Coyote numbers here seem like their really thinned down. The Thermal guys are really wacking and stacking coyotes. You can hunt all day around here, and cover a lot of ground and only see 1 coyote. I know of several big groups that hunt hard during winter months, and they go 5+ days without see...
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    2022 Farm Pics+Deer Season

    Field averages ranged from 230-260bpa.
  6. T

    2022 Farm Pics+Deer Season

    Few more photos. I hunted hard during the Late season, and had a few opportunities, but nothing I wanted to harvest. And stacking a few yotes up.
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    2022 Farm Pics+Deer Season

    This thread will be Picture heavy Naturally Start of April with Snow This was the first year of farming on my own. So a special year for me.
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    CORRECTION!! Several counties in for a surprise… Return of shed buck season!!!

    Not really sure on the point of this season. It says Population management. But I read it as big insurance company money pushing to thin the deer herd down to nothing.
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    Got my 2021 Deer Back

    For those wondering who did the taxidermy work. Chris Heying. Heying Taxidermy. He s done all 3 of my shoulder mounts, and does a first class job.
  10. T

    Hounds Iowa Regs

    I have dogs, and love them. But the 3 S rule applies to running dogs. Once a runner always a runner.
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    Got my 2021 Deer Back

    Finally got my 2021 Buck Back. First Deer that I've harvested on my farm.
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    Views from the stand 2022-23

    Not a tree Stand. But a late season deer blind......BRRRRRR
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    Land Market Hasnt Slowed down

    3 tracts sold today at auction, and needless to say the Market hasn't softened. 39 acres sold for 16,000/acre. 83.9CSR2 Tiled and 2 terraces. 72 acres sold for 13,500/acre. 72CSR2 Drained. But needs to be split. 76 acres, 66.10 Tillable 8700/acre. A little over 10k/acre on the tillable...
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    Mature Buck Numbers Down

    Talk to 2 different Taxidermist in the last couple days. And their seeing significantly less deer brought in. Bow Kill Numbers are down, Shotgun kill Numbers are down. I think the deer Numbers are there, I just think the Mature Deer Numbers are down. I'm still holding out for a Mature buck. If...
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    Land prices / insane!!!

    I agree, Things have moderated some.(It really needed to, Waste ground has been bringing 4500-5000 with 0 return) I'm going to find out just how much next week, 3 farms just up the road 4 miles going to sell next week. Bluff country timber, and rec ground was bringing 6-7,000/acre 2 counties...
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    Gun Season Brings out the Worst

    In reply to a couple of the comments (I have no problem if people hunt legitly, and not doing shady things to hunt deer) I do not own the deer, but I own the farm the deer live on, I pay the taxes, I invest time and money into food plots for the deer. I spend time creating thickets and...
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    How many Deer?

    During the gun season, when most tracts around are getting pushed and the deer are moving around, those quite places and sanctuaries tend to be loaded up pretty hard. Around here the hunting pressure is so high, even in the sanctuaries, the deer don't come out till dark. And yes highly managed...
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    Gun Season Brings out the Worst

    Have owned my farm for a little over 12 months. And sat quite a bit on my farm during the 1st gun season. Had the same gun group walk the entire border of my farm,(Borders are just AG fields with no cover) and my neighbors farm trying to wind the deer out.........to push to their standers...
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    gun season and pressure

    The orange army will be hitting the timbers. Expect company unless you can get way-way-way back.
  20. T

    Neighbor Thinks I'm crazy

    So just over a year ago, I bought 120 acre farm. It's a mostly tillable tract, but has a deer hunting wildlife element to the farm. The Wildlife element to the farm consists of some CRP, and A river bottom that looks like park city.(Hollow) So after visiting with a fella that works on Timber...
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