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    Day at the Capitol- CROSSBOWS- Action on writing in!!!! PASS THIS ON!!!!

    I used the action link and sent emails in. I'll formulate another email over lunch and blast it out to all the House members. Thanks to everyone for writing in and thanks to Skip and the IBA for representing the hunter's voices in this state. My local Senator Amy Sinclair who represents a large...
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    NEW B&C rankings…. By state..

    Probably just need to let the Farm Bureau know these tags are increasing interest in people with lots of money from out of state for buying land and taking oppurtunities away from new farmers. Maybe then they could attack this program instead of coming after the state's public lands. But enough...
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    NEW B&C rankings…. By state..

    My only takeaway from that list is we need to get the word out to all the celebrity hunters in this state. They are really hurting their shows by not hunting the states with the biggest bucks. I'm sure they just don't know what they're missing by staying in Iowa and it's hurting hunter...
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    EASY LINKS TO EMAIL IN! SHARE! Bad bills now….

    Done. Dad, Mom, Wife and 3 brothers all done as well.
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    Day at the capital fighting for iowa!!!!

    Thank you Skip. I attended the DNR meeting in Lucas County tonight. Not a lot of discussion but it seemed there were a few in the crowd that were aware of the bad bills this year. I hope none of them pass and they just leave hunting in this state alone unless a majority of hunters approve.
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    Week 6 - added a crazy bill!! HF322

    Just finished sending all my responses. Fingers crossed this madness ends.
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    Week 6 - added a crazy bill!! HF322

    My guess without looking into it would be insurance companies, Farm Bureau, Gun/X-Gun manufacturers and possibly wealthy non-residents who don't mind paying the price to hunt every year but don't like the current regulations. For the latter it is not your average NR but ultra wealthy who think...
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    Week 6 - added a crazy bill!! HF322

    I'm amazed at the number of bills introduced aimed at fixing problems that don't exist. That statement goes beyond just bills dealing with hunting. The amount of money thrown at politicians and their willingness to cave to these Super PACS and donors is unbelievable. I recently just learned that...
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    Morning Shower thought..

    I don't think the population of the past was necessarily due to habitat but more how the resource was managed. I grew up in Northern WI and remember my Dad telling me about the lack of deer and giving out party tags so a group of guys could shoot a doe. Now they hand out free tags just for...
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    Gun Season Brings out the Worst

    I have mixed feelings about gun season. I love to hunt so if it's legal for me to do so you can bet I'll be out there but I'd prefer bow. Every year my brothers and some friends will go out and we usually sit for a while both of the first two days. Depending on what we're seeing we might do some...
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    TG pheasant miracle! Rebound of the endangered species!!!

    I have also noticed the explosion of coons, possums, coyotes. As far as the coons and possums are you trapping them or shooting them? I don't have a coon dog (nor do I want one) but wonder what a good strategy would be for taking out the predators. Do people do anything with the hides if they...
  12. W


    I spoke with someone from Farm Credit Services late last week just to check what ballpark rates are. I was told about 8% with 30-35% down. It was a little higher than what I expected to hear but now I know. **Edit. I spoke with the consumer side of FCS yesterday and rates had just went up 0.5%...
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    Passing bucks and success rate

    This question is obviously area dependant with many factors impacting success rates. I don't control any of the ground I hunt so passing a buck will likely mean I will never see them again. The past 2 years I have tried to up my standards to 150 class deer as I've had success up to this point. 2...
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    Didnt expect this on my trail cam!!!!

    I had not heard of these sightings. It's been hard to keep track of them all since they seem to be popping up everywhere. Definitely not an overabundance but more than just a stray wandering cat here or there. Could be much different if the article I read about their expansion is true about a...
  15. W

    Absolute World Class Typical

    Congrats to the hunter as that is a world class deer. Do we have a green net score? In my opinion if the deer grosses 220+ I would guess there would only be about 6-7" worth of abnormal points and then any remaining side to side discrepancies. I would have to believe the deer should net over 200...
  16. W

    Didnt expect this on my trail cam!!!!

    So to my knowledge there have been sightings or trail cam pics in Van Buren, Lucas, Warren and Madison counties. At least 3 different cats in these instances. I don't understand how they can say we don't have a breeding population. All it takes is 2 cats and they say we have 5-7 known cats in...
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    New Clothes?

    I recently just purchased a set of bibs and jacket from Laurie at Grey Wolf Woolens. Very nice stuff and tailored to fit you specifically as well as your needs in a garment. When I ordered them she said lead time was 4-6weeks (more towards 4 weeks) and I think I had them on my doorstep in 2.5...
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    200 inchers?

    I spoke with a guy last weekend who manages over 2000 acres with a group of 4 other guys in one of the prime areas in Southern IA. He told me in the last 11years they have had 2 maybe 3 bucks that would gross 200" To me that said all I need to know about how rare it would be for a 200" to show...
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    October cold front is upon us

    Here you go. I chose a pic without my ugly mug so I didn't take away from the deer. More of a radio face.
  20. W

    Dang coyotes

    There are a lot of coyotes. I've never hunted/trapped them but I'm going to start this year.
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