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Search results

  1. R

    2005 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Z71 Ext. Cab 4x4

    shiit! i missed this opportunity of getting a cool version. i am very much disappointed with this..
  2. R

    Dec. 2nd buck!

    congrats for your hunt but don't you feel embarrassed by killing these animals i feel much sorry for these animals deer killing is illegal in india
  3. R

    Best thing to plant come spring?

    you could also plant some vidalia onions reddish watercress mustard greens
  4. R

    Rotting Radishes?

    maybe the soil is not perfect as it is needed for reddish growing or there could be the problem of insecticides in your redishes
  5. R

    Great EASY food plot!!

    rain is helpful for it but the problem is that it is not occuring regularly and sufficiently for this to grow healthier...
  6. R

    Any one catching walleyes in the river

    no never went from such type of adventure i just wonder if i could get a chance like that
  7. R

    Docs rack minerials

    i know and even the student of 6 standard can answer this simple question why just you wanting to get the solution of this and wasting the time of us here
  8. R

    Food Plot Links

    but why did you removed those links they were of same value here than newer forums
  9. R

    Sugar beets

    never tried this thing with me but would like to say that i will try this stuff on my plot with the suggestions given here
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