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Search results

  1. Bassattackr


    Looks like the north pole!
  2. Bassattackr


    Early successional growth after discing. Planting switch in it this June.
  3. Bassattackr


  4. Bassattackr


    Begs the question… Why leave out if they’re so effective? Because you can’t see any leftover? :)
  5. Bassattackr


    Peas provide great forage and attraction in the fall plot. Mine do get some length to them before the deer find them and then mow to the ground. Several make it each year, climbing up the rye in the spring.
  6. Bassattackr


    Neat trial I found on RC Bigrock, CIR, Blackwell, etc.
  7. Bassattackr

    1 Buck state In iowa??

    There’s no doubt that going to 1 buck will make you think hard about taking that shot. Some might give a few more a pass.. Indiana demonstrates that. I can’t comment for Iowa but here in Missouri, party hunting seems to be less and less of an issue. Certainly groups out there that still do...
  8. Bassattackr


    Cold Stream Farms is a good source for bare root.
  9. Bassattackr


    If winter seeding I agree. However after seeing the great results from IBH1983 I’m going with a summer seeding RWW Switch on a prepared seedbed this June. Let it all start at the same time. I’ll update the group as I go.
  10. Bassattackr

    Best place for selling old farm equipment

    Is it in useable condition? If so, you’ll get more than scrap costs..
  11. Bassattackr

    1 Buck state In iowa??

    Like Missouri?! It does help you can only take 1 buck before firearms in MO, but the majority are killed during the rut firearms season here so I don’t think it helps honesty. Don’t ever let them move a firearms season into the rut, death of the mature buck herd..
  12. Bassattackr

    No-Till/No-Herbicide: Is it possible?

    For fall plots - Disc, seed, pack. Aug 1 Brassicas vs Sept 1 Dbltree Mix - Can see my (and many others great) posts in Dbltree section. If you only have a good box frame disc (with adjustable gangs), it’s easier to turn everything over, seed and then straighten the gangs and run over once...
  13. Bassattackr

    No-Till/No-Herbicide: Is it possible?

    I probably go against the grain of the herbicide plot trends. I use tillage but prefer not to use herbicides. This is easy to implement. Discs and cultipackers are easy to come by. Weeds in plots and discing early successional areas allow a variety of flowers, insects and young...
  14. Bassattackr

    Week 6 - added a crazy bill!! HF322

    I would say yes, through additional license sales.
  15. Bassattackr

    Split trunk question - not a forester

    Following. Have quite a few of these on our farm as well.
  16. Bassattackr

    Week 6 - added a crazy bill!! HF322

    I’d be curious what special interest groups are driving these changes across the US. Automobile insurance companies? Farmers? Greedy politicians looking for more income off hunters? All the above.. ??
  17. Bassattackr

    New clover plot in heavy weeded area

    Next spring / summer after the fall rye planting = clean clover plot! Not a single spraying done.
  18. Bassattackr

    New clover plot in heavy weeded area

    Many ways to skin the cat here.. Could be a frost seed opportunity to have a good stand by fall. If not a lot of soil present, not worth frost seeding though IMO. Always a good option to til or spray in late summer and establish the clover with cereal rye last week of august.
  19. Bassattackr

    % SHED? Updated…

    No more than 50% shed in Mid MO. Still quite a few carrying here.. Walked 5 acre field last weekend. No dice.
  20. Bassattackr

    Morning Shower thought..

    Look up the books by Archibold Rutledge. The massive deer they used to kill running hounds in the swamps of South Carolina is staggering. Mostly early to mid 1900s I believe.
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