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Search results

  1. 203ntyp

    Youth Success 4/11

    Good one, congrats!
  2. 203ntyp

    Gravel road booze cruising....

    Bet they had a dark streak in their shorts :eek:
  3. 203ntyp


    That's a broom of a beard and that smile says it all, congrats!
  4. 203ntyp

    Home Improvement with Tim Allen

    Awesome, love the full sneak pose. Those bows are really cool too!
  5. 203ntyp

    Another Bingo

    Awesome, love the sunset picture!
  6. 203ntyp

    Tick season is here

    Good question. We are skeptical of what's safe applied to dogs for ticks, seems there's a lot of side affects with all of them. We used Frontline on our previous retriever who ended up getting tumors and cancer. We're using the Seresto collar on or new dog, keeps ticks at bay but I heard scary...
  7. 203ntyp

    The last few weeks projects & pics... updating....

    Awesome, hard work pays off, wish I was young again to accomplish all that! That shed pile looks like a life time of collecting, are they from this year?
  8. 203ntyp

    Turkey Hunting - Something to Consider

    Goof ball! Reminds me of when a friend of mine got shot with when we were hunting fall turkey with a 22 hornet. We split up and planned to meet mid day but he never showed up. After a long wait his son and I headed down the mountain to see if he went to the car. We seen a guy walking up the...
  9. 203ntyp

    Late season kill

    LOL :rolleyes:
  10. 203ntyp

    Target buck is back...fired me up!

    I do have pervious experience with this buck. Last year he was a 2 year old around 120", this year I had several encounters with him and was fortunate enough to find his sheds 2 weeks ago. I guessed him around 152" with spread credit. I can't imagine what he will turn into, hoping he stays in...
  11. 203ntyp

    High & Tight

    Another gorgeous buck Ishi, congrats and an awesome mount to boot!
  12. 203ntyp

    Thoughts on crossbows

    I've ben shooting bows, traditional and compound, since 1969 and was always against the legalization of crossbows when they hit the market with the exception of any disabilities. Long story short I really did my shoulder in about 8 weeks ago lifting a vintage drill press that is very heavy...
  13. 203ntyp

    DIY euro pedestal mount

    Looks great and an awesome buck!
  14. 203ntyp

    Apple/Pear Trees

    Just finished pruning 6 apple trees and 2 pear trees over the past few days. Been overdue but now they're opened up and thinned out to allow good air flow, should be a noticeable improvement this year. And... the deer are nibbling away within an hour after I leave! Make sure not to trim more...
  15. 203ntyp

    Dead raccoons

    Hard to say, I have some that are under one of my sheds. A couple weeks ago there must have been a vicious fight beside the shed, coon hair and blood all over the snow. Had one dead under the shed last year, possibly from a territorial fight? They are mating and get nasty with intruders. I...
  16. 203ntyp

    Shed ATL Pic Thread

    Not what I thought or what others guessed him at based on trail cam pics. He is only 3 1/2! Left side 65 6/8" and the right side is 69 7/8" with two stickers. He was probably in the mid 150's with spread, should be a booner this fall?
  17. 203ntyp

    Shed ATL Pic Thread

    Found both sides this morning off my target buck! You can see the other in the background.
  18. 203ntyp

    Neat article

    You going for a world slam of whitetails Skip :D
  19. 203ntyp

    Neat article

    Very interesting, Finland must have some good habitat if does have 4 fawns on rare occasions.
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