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Search results

  1. Sligh1

    Shotgun Red Dot Sights

    Bro got a vortex one - pretty cool. Think it was a bit more $ though.
  2. Sligh1

    Running field tile for better drainage, less erosion, production, etc.

    I didn't get cost share through government. What's details on cost share you have seen? Our office is overloaded & they usually have to look things up.... Last I checked they had terrace cost share. I guess I didn't look into tiling though. Probably need to ;) What's the program and...
  3. Sligh1

    Iowa Solo Turkey Mission

    Yes! Smashed that old bully!!! Great hunt!! & ya- one in a billion u repeat that set of events again!
  4. Sligh1

    Running field tile for better drainage, less erosion, production, etc.

    Here’s vid of tile job. It’s not that expensive, in relative terms & also based on how much increases production, rent, land value, etc. I had some wet spots that drained poorly & some areas washing. This will fix all that. A food plotter could do this with a skid steer & trencher or a...
  5. Sligh1

    Nebraska 2021

    Wow!! No shortage of turkeys there!! Congrats on one heck of a hunt!!!!
  6. Sligh1

    Apple/Pear Trees

    Buddy asked me this weekend “if u had to pick one apple variety & one pear variety - what would u pick?” I can’t just do one but my answer was Arkansas Black apple & kieffer pear. Both hardy & great on disease resistance. Late droppers, etc etc Few random tree pics from last week.
  7. Sligh1

    The last few weeks projects & pics... updating....

    End of day today was more AG related... finishing tile jobs. More ideal to do in fall. But in this scenario it made sense. Few pics & I ran duals over with a “reverse disc” (whatever this is called) - to close trench. Worked nice & with some time- make it better.
  8. Sligh1

    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    What’s the thoughts? Nest raiders like coons, possums, etc ? Coyotes eating nests & young? All of these: trapping been way down for 5-7 years now. Bobcats are hard on them & I do find some kills likely from them. What are some of the main ideas you all might think may be leading to this?
  9. Sligh1

    Current Timber sale Lumber prices

    All of this is really good info!!! Wow- good time to pay attention to certain demand.
  10. Sligh1


    I didn’t. I’m a slacker!!!! Several buddies did and turned out really nice. I probably won’t get to em this year with all the crp ive gotta do either :(. Next year!!! conventional is fine if u get down 2 groups of herbicides (my suggestion). Plus your burn down or post emergent (Gly +...
  11. Sligh1


    For both seasoned folks who “mastered the Dbltree topics” or the “newbies”.... the best way to continue the Dbltree legacy & “pay it forward” ..... Ask those questions. & the seasoned folks - take a little time to help answer & chime in for folks. Show your process & results. I know it’s...
  12. Sligh1

    The last few weeks projects & pics... updating....

    Tractor has better: down pressure & travel speed. Getting one connected has a few more hoops to jump through but minor. skid steer: want bigger skid steer. Wider tracks preferred and heavier/bigger the better. Like it as it’s quick to connect & run & simple. Not as fast & not as much down...
  13. Sligh1

    The last few weeks projects & pics... updating....

    Don’t get cheap one. Don’t get bobcat brand or bradco, etc. Some good ones.... dutchman, Vermeer, Caretree, big John, etc. heavy duty is a must!! They really are not expensive if u shop for a solid buy on a well built machine. They are Simple so get heavy duty & not hard to repair if...
  14. Sligh1


    Based on that.... it almost has to be variety then. I can’t think of any other explanation! Bizarre but keep updated & post results of New alfalfa seeding. Nice tractor btw! Like it?
  15. Sligh1


    Wow. Your checklist is perfect. PH is good, you put on P&K. This is tricky for sure. Your stand even looks amazing!! Minor thoughts: Your magnesium is high. Can cause issues but I doubt that’s it. I didn’t see boron, zinc or sulfur in there which is common. IMO- I would ask coop to make u...
  16. Sligh1

    The last few weeks projects & pics... updating....

    Well- I’ll keep it going. Tile, trees, etc. TILE. this is large scale but doing tile on wet areas is just huge. Fields or even plots- proper drainage is key. Can do this with a skid steer trencher for not a lot of $. Here’s the start. here’s a few projects this week. I added more fruit...
  17. Sligh1


    Just to be sure.... fertility still jumps out at me... & a few other ideas.... 1) u corrected the fertility & PH at planting or before. Right? 2) do u recall if it called for micro nutrients and did u add them? Boron, sulfur, zinc, etc. 3) how long has it been in? If u have been pulling...
  18. Sligh1


    Alfalfa is looking great!!!! It’s been green for quite a while now & lot of deer grazing. Tender growth & being mowed by deer. Such a HUGE key to building premium nutrition immediately after winter. Also, when deer are putting nutrients into skeletal structures & antlers. Early green...
  19. Sligh1

    Pine Creek and Coon Creek Wildlife management area

    First week or 2 in nov is probably the busiest on any ground. Don’t know about that one but I bet it sees pressure on those dates. one side note.... if u happen to not tag out then.... have ability to call in “very sick” to work from about nov 18-30..... the ground will slow way down...
  20. Sligh1

    Gravel road booze cruising....

    If u look at the photo- the path to the river does look a lot like an “exit ramp”. The river could appear to be just a paved cross road. Probably an old lady just trying to get to town for some milk & eggs. :p:D;) we have booze & meth central about 3-4 miles away so we are blessed with these...
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