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Search results

  1. bwese

    A recommendation for easy planting of seedlings in heavy clay

    I am planting 1450 trees and shrubs next week in a crp project. The nrcs office gave me instructions that I had to rototill the rows for planting to make a better planting bed. I rented one and tilled last November. In my opinion one can't get it deep enough to what it should be for best...
  2. bwese

    question on use of oust xp

    I am pondering if I can use oust xp to kill everything in the firebreak zone of my new crp and then plant in Sept with oats, clover, and alfalfa. I can't find anything on how long the residual is but did find on the label is says grasses can be planted 3 months after application. So, to me oats...
  3. bwese

    Nebraska senators propose bill to allow landowners free tags and more

    https://www.omaha.com/news/state_and_regional/lawmakers-clash-over-bill-that-would-give-some-landowners-special/article_209d3937-699c-50fd-9677-d4e6a5b15c3b.html Lawmakers clash over bill that would give some landowners special rifle hunting season for deer That's the headline in the Omaha...
  4. bwese

    submitted my crp plan today

    Hope to get in. I ended up with a good chance I think, but it will boil down to competition across the country. I was able to put in the plan 3 acres of hardwoods and shrubs with short native grasses planted between rows. The plan that allowed for trees planting was CP 25 woodland restoration...
  5. bwese

    Advice on potential crp acres

    I have 13 acres of ag that is currently half farmed and half crp. The crp expires in a year and I have an opportunity to enroll it again but along with the half that is currently farmed. My idea is to plant 4 acres to timber and the rest into warm season grasses(bbstem, little bs, indian, and...
  6. bwese

    Another survivor buck story inspired to share by Sligh's story

    Here is a buck I have had a couple year's of history with. He would show up in Oct and was fairly nocturnal, especially this year. He was hit by an archer in Oct. of 2017 on a bordering property and the pics I had of him showed him to look like a dead deer walking. He disappeared from cams...
  7. bwese

    Things worked out well in WY

    I had typed a longer story but it was too long according to the error message I got when I clicked create thread. Sorry it really don't make total sense. You'll get the gist of it. This year's elk hunt to Wyoming was a ride of highs and lows. It was going to be my 7th hunt and I was taking two...
  8. bwese

    Source for weed control in various crops and trees

    Found this today while researching sugar beet weed control. Looks like thorough, comprehensive info that plotters and farmers could make great use of. http://extensionpublications.unl.edu/assets/pdf/ec130.pdf
  9. bwese

    for sale NIB Browning Maxus, Stalker, black synthetic, 12 gauge, 28"

    1200.00 or best offer pm me if interested. Thank you
  10. bwese

    auction this saturday just south of Omaha, NE

    https://omaha.craigslist.org/grd/6215569644.html I have no affiliation with this sale or owners. I just saw on craigslist in the farming section and saw a few items that one might have on their plotting list, drill and brillion packers among other items. Wish I could go but I have a family...
  11. bwese

    great thought provoking article on youth and hunting

    “Too Young?” By Gene Wensel I’m starting to see a disturbing trend among hunters trying to involve youngsters in the outdoors as part of a master plan to insure the future of hunting. On the surface, this is presumably a vital aspect in the legacy of our passion. Unfortunately, today’s “too...
  12. bwese

    Anybody know anything about these blinds?

    Anybody own one of these blinds or know anything about more about them than what is seen here? Mike Humpal is the guy selling through http://www.whitetailprofessionals.com/ although they aren't found on this site. He is selling direct. I learned about these blinds via craigslist. Somewhere by...
  13. bwese

    opinions wanted

    I am planning on putting in a cedar row in the middle of one of my plots. The plot is 170 yards by 100 yards. The yellow line are cedars rows planted last year. The white line is where I plan on putting the new cedar row. I initially planted hybrid willow on both lines but the deer kept them...
  14. bwese

    two row planter on craigslist

    http://omaha.craigslist.org/grd/3701764764.html This is a link to a planter I saw this evening on craigslist.
  15. bwese

    anybody want some free seed corn

    If your in SW IA or SE NE and don't mind a little drive. I have several acres worth of rr seed corn(last years model). What I planted last year(from same source) produced very well considering the drought and my lack of technology and experience. A farmer told me he thought I had 80 bushel an...
  16. bwese

    sureshot, please check your pm's

    I look forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.
  17. bwese

    5" brillion seeder for sale

    http://omaha.craigslist.org/grd/3509437916.html Saw this on craigslist in Omaha. Thought someone here might have a use for it. Wish I did. Congrats to whoever gets this.
  18. bwese

    got me a road poacher

    Well I have grown tired of the road poachers so I asked the NGPC for a little help in the form of a deer decoy setup. They deployed it around 3pm yesterday afternoon and they had their first poacher in 45 min. He was a 64 yr old with a state wide buck driving around with his wife. He had got...
  19. bwese

    EHD/blue tongue

    I just got off the phone with my local CO discussing wanton waste of deer with depradation tags(neighbor started shooting them friday night) and he told me that reports of EHD or blue tongue are starting to come into the NE game and parks offices. Not much can be done about it but just...
  20. bwese

    Has this year's seeded CIR switch broke ground yet

    Anybody out there confirm that their CIR switch has broke germinated and broke through the ground yet in the southern half of IA or southern NE?
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