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Search results

  1. TheMadCatter

    Spot Available?

    I ended up losing a place I’ve had permission on since I was a little kid because my Dad retired from farming this year. If there’s anybody who would be interested in trading two and a half days of turkey hunting (April 12-14) for Wyoming turkey hunting info let me know!
  2. TheMadCatter

    Iowa Deer Classic 2021

  3. TheMadCatter

    2021 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    Everyone, it's 2021 and I'm still "enjoying it while it lasts" ;) It's been a busy 2021 so far with planning my fall out and figuring out another job to extend into guide season. My outfitter in Colorado that I've worked with for two seasons wants me back again for 2021 to guide Bear, Elk, and...
  4. TheMadCatter

    2020 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    After what seems like an eternity hunting season is starting to slow down and come to a close. One of my most successful years yet is almost behind me. For some people 2020 will be remembered as a year of dread and awfulness I'll be able to reminisce back to the "good times". Laughing until I...
  5. TheMadCatter

    Alaska Sitka Blacktail

    Is anyone interesting in going to Alaska? DIY hunting for Blacktail and can shoot up to three bucks, hunt ducks, and fish. Duck species below... Pacific Common Eider Black, Surf, White Wing Scoters Harlequin Long-tailed (Oldsquaw) Barrows Goldeneye YOU HAVE TO BE IN SHAPE we're gonna go...
  6. TheMadCatter

    Oregon Blacktail Deer/Black Bear/?Elk? Combo Hunt Invite October 2020

    Hey everybody, I'm trying to get back out to Oregon again and I'll end up out there one way or another but would enjoy having the company of another person. This isn't an easy hunt and our odds of walking home with something aren't as high as they are in most western states. We're looking at...
  7. TheMadCatter

    What I've Been Up To During Quarantine

    It's been a long past couple months interviewing for jobs all over the nation trying to find something permanent with zero luck. I've spent every afternoon after work for applying for new jobs or writing new cover letters. My job here with Colorado Parks and Wildlife is only nine months...
  8. TheMadCatter

    Savage 210 12GA

    I have a Savage 210 12GA for sale. Asking $400, only reason I'm selling is to fund part of my rifle setup.
  9. TheMadCatter

    Western Hunting Guide and Gear List Recommendations

    "I don't want your honey hole, but, what canyon are the *inset animal* in and where do I camp to have the best shot at *insert animal*?" Don't ask other people for their *inset animal* areas, find your own. This might sound harsh but it's more rewarding in the end. Nobody is going to hand you...
  10. TheMadCatter

    October Wyoming BUCK Pronghorn/Deer OPEN INVITE 2020

    Hey everybody, I'm trying to grab a variety of people to come on just a fun get together to hunt in Wyoming for Pronghorn and looking to film the entire thing. I wasn't ever expecting to do this but I have a bunch of free time and figured it would be a blast to gather a group of people to come...
  11. TheMadCatter

    Sad News - Cat Pictures

    Figured since he's been such a talking point over the years I'd take a second to talk about Stache. I found Stache outside of our house in an old hallow apple tree during the winter where his mother abandoned him and his five siblings. The only one still alive was Stache even after I tried...
  12. TheMadCatter

    2019 Shotgun Buck GIANT 8

    This story starts back in 2017 when I passed a 175"+ non-typical and noticed a typical eight-point that would stick around him constantly even during the rut. I had plenty of pictures of him going into 2018 but didn't run cameras as much in Iowa because last year I was focused on hunting out of...
  13. TheMadCatter

    Wyoming Hunt Invite - Mule Deer Antlerless

    Hey everybody! I have an Antlerless tag for November in Wyoming and was wondering if anybody would like to tag along! I’m not driving out here, you’d have to provide your own transport. I’d only be able to hunt 2-3 days depending on the time you’d want to come. The tag would be good for...
  14. TheMadCatter

    2019 Wyoming Elk and Pronghorn

    I'll type out the story of my 2019 Rifle Elk and you can feel free to watch my 2019 Pronghorn video on YouTube. I ended up taking a job working for a hunting outfit in Colorado for the archery season. The outfit didn't align with my standards of hunting and general unsuccessfulness of the...
  15. TheMadCatter

    Wrecked My Jeep, Picking Up Iowa Sheds (in May), and Fishing in Wyoming

    Trying to buy a revolver for bear protection - Nope Found the match to a shed my Dad found - Check Wrecked My Jeep - Check Graduated College - Check Missed a Wyoming Merriam's Turkey - Check Caught Fish in Wyoming - Check
  16. TheMadCatter

    Crabbing on the Coast in Oregon

    After quite a leave of absence from the forum I'm back! I'm settled in my new seasonal job here with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. I casually working with deer, elk, black bear, mountain lions, coastal marten, and other small mammals. I've been fortunate enough to be able to crab...
  17. TheMadCatter

    Hawaii Parts 1, 2 & 3 Big Axis Bucks Harvests, Transport, etc.

    Here's the entire video set from my Hawaii trip excluding the Mahi Mahi fishing and travel. You can check those out on my channel if you'd like!
  18. TheMadCatter

    2019 Iowawhitetail.com Turkey Contest Scores

    Please post pictures and scores in this forum as well! Thank you! Team 1 LoessHillsArcher (63.5) & OOBoneCollector (65.5) Total Score: 129 Team 2 Deerhunter93 and Ishi (69.8125) Total Score: 69.8125 Team 3 TeenageHunter and Goatman
  19. TheMadCatter

    2019 Iowawhitetail.com Turkey Contest Sign Up!

    Sign up here for the 2019 turkey contest! We’ll get more information and prizes up later. Groups of two accepted and post if you don’t have a partner and you’ll hopefully find someone! Good luck everyone! Sign up is good until April 30th (Muddy's post last season) Rules are pretty much the...
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