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    Your thoughts on Lakosky, Glesinger?

    Hey guys. I see Lee Lakosky once again breaks his personal best buck and Greg Glesinger shoots another 220 plus some incher as well. This is not a jealousy post, I’m happy for them and have no doubt they’ve worked their tails off for their success. But I am curious as to the how they’re doing it...
  2. R

    Switchgrass experiment, thoughts?

    Definitely thinking about season this fall and can’t wait but also thinking of next steps of habitat management on my farm that I want to get to. I have a lot of areas on the farm that have pretty large sections of worthless trees (had forester out, believe he said they are silver maple but...
  3. R

    Anyone try the new spypoint cell link yet?

    My son just got me one today for Father’s Day. I don’t think it’s been in stores very long so wasn’t sure if anyone had any experience with it yet? I have two spypoint cameras, one has been great one hasn’t been and I don’t typically see too many positive reviews on that brand so I’ve got my...
  4. R

    “Herded up” question

    seems like this time of year it’s common to see deer in much of the Midwest herded up in big groups. On my farm in IL last weekend me and my daughters had a group of 70 (literally counted each of them as they went through) and they were all together in the same large bedding area of my farm. The...
  5. R

    Those w frost seeding experience....

    Frost seeded a handful of small plots w clover the second weekend in March (west central IL) and just wondered when I should have a feel for how it germinated. When will I be able to see the clover starting to come up do u think? Thanks!
  6. R

    Advice on spreading lime

    Hey guys, headed to the farm next weekend to get some work done. Need to get around a half ton of lime spread on a few different small 1/8ac to 1/4 ac food plots. Have never liked before, have no experience doing it, and I can’t seem to decide as to what the best way to do it is. Buy a 400lb...
  7. R

    Thoughts on E Bikes?

    Just wondered if any of you own or have experience w the different e bikes out there that are being marketed to the hunting industry. I like the concept of keeping my boots/scent off the ground and getting to/from my stand as quickly as possible. (And if I’m honest, some of my stands seem to...
  8. R

    Opinions/advice on permanent CREP properties

    Hey guys, looking for your insights and opinions on a piece of property that I’m aware of that the owner would sell to me in Illinois. It’s a relatively large piece of ground, over 300 acres. The problem with it is that it’s nearly all in a permanent CREP program other than like 15 acres of it...
  9. R

    Recommendations for best hunting swivel chair?

    Bought my first and only redneck blind and have been researching to find the best chair(s) to put in it. Looking for something silent in cold temps and comfortable. Suppose the swivel feature isn’t a must but probably be nice. Can’t seem to find one that doesn’t have at least a few reviews about...
  10. R

    Advice on tower height for redneck....

    Hi guys, new to the site and first post. I’m finally going to breakdown and spend the money on a redneck fiberglass blind. I’ve bought the blind and now I’m trying to determine whether the 10’ tower is fine or if I should spend the extra $ for the 15’? I’ll bow and gun hunt out of it and I’ve...
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