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Search results

  1. 2.5YR8

    Shotgun Red Dot Sights

    Bushnell TRS-25 is a tube style, and what I use. I have this on a Remington 12 gauge 870 Tactical. I don't use this for hunting, but have had it for 5 years. I use this gun for work and it has spent the 5 years getting slammed around in a patrol car in temps from -20 to +100. I have probably put...
  2. 2.5YR8

    Pumpkins/ squash

    I'm planning on putting in a 1/4 acre or so of pumpkins. the wife and kids want to try growing them so it's a win/win if the deer start chewing on them after the girls take out what they want.
  3. 2.5YR8

    % dropped antlers? Part of state, deer #’s & food?

    I finally saw my 1st shed buck on Tuesday night. I took my cams down at the beginning of the month so there's probably a few more around.
  4. 2.5YR8

    Aerial imagery

    Depending on what county you're hunting, the county assessor's webpage usually has a link to an interactive site that has aerial maps where you can click on individual parcels to see owner info. The mostly widely used website I see is beacon.schneidercorp.com. The majority of counties in iowa...
  5. 2.5YR8

    Helping deer over winter.....

    I've put out a couple alfalfa bales, and some corn. Plus the tops of all the trees I took down this fall/winter. All the deer look pretty good that have been hanging around. We have a doe that's missing a front leg that is really struggling getting around. I decided to put the bales out...
  6. 2.5YR8

    Fish stocking recommendations.

    The previous owner of my pond used North Star. I think it was stocked in spring of 2017. The bluegills were around 8-9 inches last summer, and the bass were 18, and pushing 2.5-3lbs. Both species have spawned successfully, and it looks like we have 3 year classes in the pond. I need to call them...
  7. 2.5YR8

    Early shed year? Brother’s buck shed at shot

    I have every mature buck on cam carrying both sides. Have a couple 1/2 rack forkies. Nature varies wildly, and we all seem to waste a lot time trying to figure it out. In my case it could be as simple as there has been 0 pressure on them since shotgun season. They bed and feed as they please...
  8. 2.5YR8

    Sandhill Cranes

    Anyone ever get cranes on a cam before? I was surprised when I downloaded these.
  9. 2.5YR8

    2020 Targets . . . struck out

    The pics with the rub tree are from 22 acres that's comprised of 8 acres of timber, 2 acres of clover, a 1.5 acre pond, and the rest is old pasture ground. Most of these deer we have pics from velvet all the way through to today, and a couple have multiple years of pics. They generally bed in...
  10. 2.5YR8

    2020 Targets . . . struck out

    I had plenty of good deer to chase, and had a couple really good encounters this year. 2021 is looking promising, a few of these bucks are still on cam after the shotgun seasons.
  11. 2.5YR8

    mock rub/scrape trees

    I tried these for the 1st time this year. It's pretty amazing how well they draw deer to them. I was starting to worry they were going to get this 1 broke in 1/2.
  12. 2.5YR8

    Booner 11pt gun 1

    Very nice, congrats.
  13. 2.5YR8

    How do you organize/file your trail cam pics?

    I don't use a phone. On the computer the main folder is by year. Folders within the year have individual folders for each deer that's big enough to identify. When the clutter gets to be too much for a deer I go through and pick the best facing, broadside, and going away pic. This way I only...
  14. 2.5YR8

    What type of land do you hunt? Size, situation, etc.

    I own 22 acres, lease 40 acres, and hunt public. The owning and leasing were new to me this year. Every year previous to this was exclusively public. The only reason I'm leasing is because it borders what I own, and I would like to buy it when the guy wants to sell in a couple years. I still...
  15. 2.5YR8

    Rut report 2020

    I was splitting wood in the yard last night, and had to run into the house to grab my bow. in a 1/2 hr span a mature 8 bred a doe within 50 yards of me while 3 other bucks watched. After they left another mature buck ran a doe through on a full sprint with 2 other bucks in tow. The mature 8 is...
  16. 2.5YR8

    DNR Bow hunting survey

    Showing my wife the data to prove I need more time in the stand generated quite the eye roll. According to the numbers I hunted less than the average hunter. I don't think the data swayed her opinion.
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