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Search results

  1. ironwood

    Covert Blackhawk

    I am offering a 3G Verizon Cellular Covert Blackhawk Trail camera for $100. The 3G sunsets early in 2020. Meaning you would have the use of a cellular trail camera for 1 season and after that it would simply be a trail camera. This could be an inexpensive opportunity to see if cellular trail...
  2. ironwood

    IH Farmall 504

    I had a client needing to move this tractor so I took it in trade. I have not done any research on it yet. It appears it will be in the 40 to 50 HP range. It is a gas tractor, rear and mid hookups, chains, draw bar attachment, near new rear tires, fronts look good. I knew the last two owners...
  3. ironwood

    Leupold RX1000/TBR

    Just over a year old. Works perfectly. New Leica arrives next week. $230 [email protected]
  4. ironwood

    website issues

    I can't reply to treats from home laptop. If I try to post or reply I get an error message. 503; service unavailable The server is temporarily busy, try again later!
  5. ironwood

    Advertising Hunting Land

    My question for readers is what online sources do you believe to be the best for finding hunting land opportunities. I know I am suppose to be the marketing expert here but I am looking for your perspective from that side of the monitor.
  6. ironwood

    What is your choice in Weather apps?

    Ok, I have been using The Weather Channel app for years and have been let down several times with it regarding winds directions and changes lately. What weather app is everyone using and why do you like it?
  7. ironwood

    Covert Black ops

    http://www.amazon.com/Covert-Special-Ops-60-LED-Wireless/dp/B00806KGY6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1430336465&sr=8-1&keywords=covert+black+ops $175 each. Bought 2 last year from Boyd at Buck Hollow. He used them one season. I used them for security at a cabin I no longer own. It is cool getting...
  8. ironwood

    Covert Black Ops

    I bought two of these from Boyd at Buck Hollow Sports last year to use at security at a remote cabin. The cabin has been sold and I longer need them. $175 each...
  9. ironwood

    Bowtec Destroyer 340

    If you are in the market for an awesome bow all set up and ready to hunt I have a 60lb Destroyer 340 with limbdriver rest, 4 pin Apex site, alpine quiver, 1/4 peep, string loop, stabilizer. $575 local pick up. The new Prodigy is all ready in place. This bow will be on EBay soon
  10. ironwood

    IWILL January 26th

    I just thought I would copy and paste this here to encourage those that want to support this effort. Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy (IWILL) is a conservation coalition formed as an outgrowth of a long process targeted at creating reliable and significant annual funding for natural...
  11. ironwood

    Ghost Scent Control

    I bought a case and have an extra gallon $34.00. Does anybody on here remember this stuff? Great scent control spray at a very good price. call me 515-229-0681
  12. ironwood

    Ghost Scent Controll

    I bought a case of Ghost and have one extra gallon. First caller gets it. I am in DesMoines. Pickup only. $34. 515-229-0681
  13. ironwood

    Chestnut and Dwarf chinkapin Seed

    I want to start some of each next spring and I was hoping to get some solid direction here. Also really hoping to get pointed towards the best seed source. Would you plant American Chestnut or forget them and go to a hybred without risk of disease. Chinkapins , would you consider...
  14. ironwood

    AXCEL Armortech-HD 5 pin sight

    .10 5 pin sight mirco adjust each pin. They sell new at Bass Pro for 220. This sight is like new. $150 firm, only on IowaWhitetail for a few day then I will expand my on line sale.
  15. ironwood

    My tag arrived

    With deer numbers dwindling I though I would change things up a bit. I am way excited
  16. ironwood

    Flashlights, What to buy

    Ok, I am looking to get a high quality flash lite. Lumens are the first thing I started looking at but as I searched things like, rechargeable vs non, beam width, battery life and cost, size, light color, brand and warranty became issues of considerations. Let me know your thoughts. I will...
  17. ironwood


    Happy Birthday Wayne.
  18. ironwood

    2-4D B Questions

    I bought a jug of Butyrac 200 (2-4D B) to work on cleaning up some clover plots. The label only mentions a few clover types but I assume it will be safe with more varieties than listed. Am I correct in that thinking? Also I have Delar Small Burnett and Chicory as a mix with my clover in...
  19. ironwood

    This is in the legislative forum.

    We better be paying attention. Please start calling first thing in the morning Tomorrow, Thur March 14 the HNRC will meet to discuss the NR deer tags and the NR landowner issue in regards to the any sex deer tag. There are some new committee members that feel it is in the best interest of...
  20. ironwood

    Scent Eliminators- best and worst

    http://www.deeranddeerhunting.com/article/the-best-way-to-inhibit-your-scent/ I would love to see this study done again to see how products are evolving. This study convinced me to stay clear of many available products.
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