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Search results

  1. jkratz5

    Morels??? Update..

    Indiana, moved here 13 years ago for work. My brother found several hundred in IL last week too, about 60 miles from Burlington, IA
  2. jkratz5

    Morels??? Update..

    Been hammering them here. Found 8lbs Sunday and Monday last week and at least that many yesterday. 2 weeks ago made quite the haul on greys too in the snow, that was pretty fun!!!
  3. jkratz5

    Gravel road booze cruising....

    Looks like a pretty good smallmouth spot now with the new fish crib.
  4. jkratz5


    Awesome job Alex!!!!
  5. jkratz5

    2021 Iowawhitetail Team Turkey Contest

    Put Muddy and Kratz in together. Unless he bails on me we usually partner up
  6. jkratz5

    High & Tight

    love that buck Ishi. Congrats!!!
  7. jkratz5

    Spring Snows 2021

    Awesome, looking forward to some pics!
  8. jkratz5

    Lyme Disease shot

    I am a magnet for those bastards. I would be so in for a vaccine. Definitely has to be better for you then dosing your close in Permethrin! Boyd I tried to get that shot when you did, they told me too many side effects for the number of people and money they were making so they stopped...
  9. jkratz5

    New Mexico NR Elk hunting......anyone have experience or knowledge

    Been looking into this myself a lot lately. Best way is to work with an outfitter. Tell him your goal and he will out in for areas that meet that. If you work thru an outfitter an additional 10% of tags become available. Most of them that I have talked with charge a few bucks to do the whole...
  10. jkratz5

    Pandora's box or really cool? You decide

    Always wanted a Sabretooth mount. Bring it on?
  11. jkratz5

    Mexico Whitetail

    That is incredible!!!! Awesome buck buddy!!
  12. jkratz5

    New shotgun for turkey hunting

    Can’t tell you how many turkeys I have killed with it, I bought it in 2000 and have killed at least 2 Turks a year since, never gets old hearing that canon roar
  13. jkratz5

    New shotgun for turkey hunting

    Go big - Remington SP-10. Nothing like letting that 10ga roar!!!!
  14. jkratz5


    World Class next year for sure!!!
  15. jkratz5

    HR 127

    Read about the POS who drafted the bill, Shelia Jackson Lee. I cannot believe that folks that are this dumb represent our country. (Anyone who believes there is currently a North and South Vietnam should not be an elected official)
  16. jkratz5

    Bully buck deadhead

    Looks like a bulky for sure. Gone from the herd so maybe a couple stragglers will move in
  17. jkratz5

    Bucks fighting, why the Increase?

    Lots of 2-3 year olds, only a few deer over 4 on the farm. This is die to the EHD a few years back. We have harvested 5 bucks 4yrs and older the last 3 years. I am wondering if this is part of it. we cannot put mineral out in IL. The genetics angle is interesting, IL is known to have a bunch...
  18. jkratz5

    Bucks fighting, why the Increase?

    Doe to buck is 4:1 sorry about that. farm has always had good numbers of bucks, we did get he’d slammed 6 years ago, maybe everything is just hitting right. We do keep the pressure low, never even really step on the farm until first week of November and it gets “pressure” for maybe 10 days a...
  19. jkratz5

    Bucks fighting, why the Increase?

    Our Illinois farm has become quite the gladiator arena and I am hoping to get some thoughts on why. It has gotten so bad in the last few years that many of our good bucks end up busted up by the rut! I know fighting is part of the game, but I am talking really aggressive fighting from October...
  20. jkratz5

    Memorable hunt with my best friend.

    Awesome buck and awesome memories!!! Congrats
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