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Search results

  1. ironwood

    Covert Blackhawk

    I am offering a 3G Verizon Cellular Covert Blackhawk Trail camera for $100. The 3G sunsets early in 2020. Meaning you would have the use of a cellular trail camera for 1 season and after that it would simply be a trail camera. This could be an inexpensive opportunity to see if cellular trail...
  2. ironwood

    Wireless Trail Cameras

    I just posted a Covert Blackhawk 3G Cellular Trail camera for $100. The 3G service will sunset something early in 2020. This means you could play with a cellular trail camera cheap but after this season it would simply be a trail camera. It has worked flawlessly with about a 60 day battery...
  3. ironwood

    IH Farmall 504

    https://desmoines.craigslist.org/grd/d/ih-farmall-504/6586686656.html A few pictures are available here.
  4. ironwood

    IH Farmall 504

    I had a client needing to move this tractor so I took it in trade. I have not done any research on it yet. It appears it will be in the 40 to 50 HP range. It is a gas tractor, rear and mid hookups, chains, draw bar attachment, near new rear tires, fronts look good. I knew the last two owners...
  5. ironwood

    Leupold RX1000/TBR

    Just over a year old. Works perfectly. New Leica arrives next week. $230 [email protected]
  6. ironwood

    Got it done

    Nice buck!
  7. ironwood

    QAD HDX clearance issues

    He sure makes it easy to love your bow.
  8. ironwood

    whats in this video?

    that looks like a dog to me.
  9. ironwood

    Boot reccomendations?

    I have the Danner Pronghorns and The Mendel Denali's. Both are great boots, the Denali is clearly the superior hiking boot. I recently pickup up a couple pair of Kenetrek Bridger Ridge High boots. They are by far the best light duty boot I have ever owned for comfort.
  10. ironwood

    The Mount of Patches

    I saw him at the IBA banquet. He is awesome. Sorry we did not get to talk.
  11. ironwood

    IBA Spring Banquet February 13th 2016

    The food was outstanding. The venue was good. The MC'S chirping like a turkey/hawk, whatever ever that was, as others had the mic was curious. :) Bill Winke was thought provoking. The event runs a little long and I did not win everything I wanted. Thanks to everyone that works so hard to...
  12. ironwood

    basement project

    Looks very nice
  13. ironwood

    website issues

    Seems to work from the browser on my phone ok and the mobile app
  14. ironwood

    website issues

    I already cleared cash, temp and cookies.
  15. ironwood

    website issues

    I can't reply to treats from home laptop. If I try to post or reply I get an error message. 503; service unavailable The server is temporarily busy, try again later!
  16. ironwood

    Junior is back... Shot Nov - 7th

    I did thiss last year. Very similar hit. 26 days later I finished the harvest. Just above and in front of the cavity. Right under the spine. My buck was still carrying about 8 inched of arrow and broadhead.
  17. ironwood

    2015 shotgun surprise

    That's an incredible buck. Congratulations
  18. ironwood

    FS - Nikon Omega ML Scope - BDC Reticle

    Mine is a nail driver to 250. Cant find them anywhere.
  19. Allen


    2014 photos
  20. Allen


    2014 photos
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