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Search results

  1. horkeymike

    B's first buck !

    Saturday night i was able to take Brayden on his first deer hunt. I have been waiting for this moment for seven years. Leading up to this he has been practice shooting with a .22 with a scope on it. B is left eye dominant so he has been shooting gun and bow left handed which has been rather...
  2. horkeymike

    Right handed but left eye dominant.

    My six year old son is right handed but left eye dominant (has a right handed bow passed down from his older brother). He loves to shoot his bow but looks across the string when he shoots and i can see he is struggling with it. My question is should i buy him a left handed bow or get him a eye...
  3. horkeymike

    2014 Horkey deer seson recap

    Sorry I didn't get these posted earlier but here is a quick recap of my families 2014 deer season. Allys first year deer hunting and she harvested this doe during early muzzle loader season. Always fun to be with the kids on there first deer! The following day my wife Denise was able to...
  4. horkeymike


    Wow have i really drug my feet on getting this posted: Our annual five day bow hunting trip to southern Iowa was over by day three. Three days, three hunters, three bucks over 150, lucky to say the least!! Brother Luke (middle) shot his buck on Wednesday evening, Chris (left) shot his the...
  5. horkeymike

    March 1st 11lb walleye

    We made out annual trip north to Lake Winnepeg in search of those beautiful greenbacked walleyes. On the 3rd day of fishing i landed this girl, just short of 29 inches weighing 11 lbs. Released to be caught another day!
  6. horkeymike

    Summer Walleyes

    Ran across this picture when downloading the kids youth deer photos and thought I would share it. Friends of ours invited us up to Okoboji over the weekend of July 4th, took the boat over to Spirit Lake and pounded walleyes 2 morings in a row. It was crazy with the kids in the boat, but boy were...
  7. horkeymike

    2 boys 2 shots 2 bucks

    Well Saturday things couldn't have went much better. Took Mason out for the morning hunt and at 7:15 he put a 80 yard shot on his buck to claim his first 8 pointer (his goal was to shot something with more than 4 total points). Picture after the shot that we sent to mom and his brothers...
  8. horkeymike

    Clicks deer

    Went and picked up dads(Click) buck he shot last fall from the taxidermist, turned out pretty nice.
  9. horkeymike

    32 inch walleye

    Caught this 32 inch walleye last week on lake Winnepeg while ice fishing. We didn't catch a overly large number of fish but a few quality ones which included a 28 and 30 incher caught by memebers of our group. Here's the highlight of my weekend!!
  10. horkeymike


    Guys I just watched a 5x5 elk run across the section. I made it around and watched him cross the road and let me tell you there were no ear tags or holes in this boys ears. He crossed 20yds in front of me. This is the first one I have ever seen in person in my area and we don't have many trees...
  11. horkeymike

    Mo"s First Deer

    Well Saturday I introduced my second oldest stepson Morgan to the deer hunting world and what a great time it was. Older brother Zach,Mo, and myself hit the woods Sat morning early only to see a doe and a fawn to far out of range. we retuned Sat night and twenty minutes after getting set up this...
  12. horkeymike

    Largemouth Bass

    I caught a 20 inch largemouth bass last night and released it. I didn't have a scale with me but was curious as to what it might weigh? Any buddy have any suggetions on where to look or guesses for the weight?
  13. horkeymike

    Horkey Bros Bucks

    Well shotgun season has come and gone and a great time it was!! We never got a crack at MR Big but were fortunate enough to harvest these two bucks along with 4 does. The first buck I shot on Sturday and my brother Luke harvested his buck on Sunday (2nd picture). I can't beleive its over for...
  14. horkeymike

    Chris's first bow buck

    My good buudy Chris shot his first deer with the bow Sat at 2:15. Its quite unique being it has a double main beam, congrads buddy!!!!
  15. horkeymike

    Goose mount is back

    Well here it is and needless to say it takes up alot of room. Very pleased with the mount, now if I could just get my deer heads back.
  16. horkeymike

    Masons Fish

    Took my three step-sons to a fishing derby on Saturday and had a great time. The youngest Mason, caught this 17inch largemouth on a leech. You should have seen the look on his face when he was reeling it in, priceless!!! Now all he keeps asking is when were going fishing again
  17. horkeymike

    Fox is back!!

    Got a call yesterday that my fox mount was done so I went and picked it up las night, here it is
  18. horkeymike

    Canada Trip

    Just thought I'd share a couple of harvest pictures from our Canada goose hunting trip last week. This was the first time I was ever in Canada and needless to say I think I'll be returning!!! We were lucky enough to harvest three banded geese on this trip, I'm looking forward to getting the...
  19. horkeymike

    More pictures

    Guys I know these are not whitetail related but since the bow opner isn't here yet I thought I'd post these. Went to South Dakota last week on a three day early season do it yourself goose hunt, here are the results. Day one: Day two: Day three:
  20. horkeymike

    Youth hunt success!!!!

    Sunday morning I took my girlfriends oldest son "Zach" out on his first youth deer hunt. Shortly after first light this guy walked by at 25 yards and he made a great shot. It was a great experience for both of us
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