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Search results

  1. SouthernIowa

    Having trouble sending PM's.

    I've had a couple guys recently that have personal messaged me and I haven't been able to respond. Any help in resolving this problem?
  2. SouthernIowa

    Bow Kill 11-13-14

    Well, after many hours in a tree and questioning my sanity a few times, I finally connected on one of the bucks I was after. I named him Rocky because he had a few broken tines in 2013 and was obviously a fighter. I had some previous history with Rocky from last year. I didn’t get any pictures...
  3. SouthernIowa

    New Mathews Creed

    Went and shot the three new Mathews bows today. I was hoping to like the ZXT since its $800 but i fell in love with the Creed right away it just felt amazing. The cams were a little more aggressive than Im used to but the back wall was rock solid and it was totally DEAD in my hand, it was super...
  4. SouthernIowa

    New Hunting Property Help

    I just received permission to bow hunt (Oct. -Nov. not late season bow) a new piece of property that looks to have a lot of potential. But this isn’t exactly an ideal situation. When I asked permission the land owner seemed very hesitant at first. They gave me permission but said to check back a...
  5. SouthernIowa

    How to delete your images in your gallery?

    Hey guys my gallery is starting to fill up with old pics and Id like to go through and delete some of them. Im sure this is very simple but i cant seem to figure it out. Thanks
  6. SouthernIowa

    Great hunt! 10/7 (pic heavy)

    If the rest of the year goes as well as this hunt did it sure will be a memorable season! Ill start the hunt by explaining my set up. With the drought conditions I knew the bucks would have to be hitting the water hard this year so in the summer I made sure to have stand locations by water for...
  7. SouthernIowa

    Same deer?

    I know it is kind of a long shot but are these two pictures of the same deer? I think the age judging from the body look about right and right side matchs up really well. Also last year I had tons of pictures of the first deer from velvet to late season and he hasnt shown up at all this year...
  8. SouthernIowa

    Map of public land?

    I thought there was a map on the iowadnr website that showed where all the public land was in the state? I going to college in Cedar Rapids and was hoping to hit up some public for a little shed hunting sometime. If someone could find it and post a link thatd be awesome! Thanks :way:
  9. SouthernIowa

    Young Bucks

    Would you guys say this 8 has a kicker and a third main beam? I dont know what to call them? :confused: How old do you guys think these two bucks are? I know theyre young but how young? I think both have great potential if they can make it to maturity. They were both very visible while...
  10. SouthernIowa

    Wagon Blind

    I got bored over X-mas break from college and decided to do something useful with my time. I’ve always kind of wanted to build a wagon blind and with it being late muzz season I figured it would be a great time to do it. (I filled my muzz tag but still have my land owner bow tag) Dad had an old...
  11. SouthernIowa

    2011 late muzz buck

    Posted this in the PMA fisrt but i figured id share it with everyone now. Well I got out of college for Christmas break on the 16th and couldn’t wait to get home and scout for late muzzleloader that opened on Monday. I drove three hours and didn’t even stop by my house before I drove around to...
  12. SouthernIowa

    Employment in Cedar Rapids area

    Can anyone give me any suggestions about any part-time employment opportunities around Cedar Rapids that would have to do with the outdoors/hunting. I know there is a Dicks Sporting Goods and a Gander Mountain and i plan on applying there but I was wondering if there are many other similar jobs...
  13. SouthernIowa

    I feel absolutely sick!!!!

    Everyday when i think about not getting up at 5 a.m. because im tired or i dont really want to my stand because its freezing outside, I picture a HUGE buck that will probably walk by my stand if i just sit on the couch....well i missed that deer today :thrwrck:.After shooting a nice buck on the...
  14. SouthernIowa

    big 8 down on the 14th...cool story!

    I have had kind of a rough deer season this year. I just couldn’t seem to see any mature bucks in areas that have produced for me before. So I decided to switch things up a bit the morning of the 14th. Usually I hate hunting by standing corn during the rut but since I had only seen one shooter...
  15. SouthernIowa

    uploading photos

    shot a nice buck on the 14th but i cant seem to upload the photos to make a post about him? can anyone help me?
  16. SouthernIowa

    Poachers Caught!!!

    Last monday night my dad got a call from a neighbor saying there was two bucks in our bean field with there heads cut off. The next day i drove out to the field i have drove around many times this summer looking at bucks in this field. And sure enough 20 yards off the road there was two bucks...
  17. SouthernIowa

    mature 10 down on the 2nd!!!

    http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g403/Jace_Allen/DSCN0054.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g403/Jace_Allen/DSCN0062.jpg Well this is my 4th year bow hunting and ive killed 3 bucks in the 140s so i kinda whated to hold out for something a little bigger. But i have a farm tag and a...
  18. SouthernIowa

    Trying to post harvest pics!? need help

    shot a buck last night but im having trouble posting the pics. Some help would be great
  19. SouthernIowa

    mature buck on the 2nd!!

    shot a nice old 10 point last night. I have a farm tag and a state wide tag so im not done hunting yet....now i can hold out for a monster! I will post pictures and the story tomorrow
  20. SouthernIowa

    Man Caves

    Im thinkin about turing one of my rooms into a "man cave". Id like to see pictures of everyones trophy rooms for ideas. So please post some pics guys thanks!
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