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Search results

  1. Tim Hull

    Your thoughts on Lakosky, Glesinger?

    The supplemental feeding of does while pregnant doesn't hurt. According to the Biologist on Don Higgins stated that is as important as anything.
  2. Tim Hull

    20-21 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Taken sunday 10/18 with muzzleloader. Will get a score tomorrow when I pick it up from the Taxidermist. Had hundreds of photos of this buck all summer long. I believe he was only 3, but I was super pumped as he was daylight active on my big food plot every 3 to 5 days.
  3. Tim Hull

    Anyone seeing early rut action???

    Had mature bucks checking scrapes after first light this weekend for the 1st time this year. Mike Reed had his mature buck checking a scrape after first light also. Hunting mornings with success is gonna heat up quickly this week.
  4. Tim Hull

    This will get your blood pumping

    How do we know that this wasn't the girls 5th deer or the boys 7th deer taken during many youth seasons?
  5. Tim Hull

    Tag sales

    I am just thankful that we don't have over the counter tags for Non-residents. We need to continue to fight keeping the tags at 6,000
  6. Tim Hull

    4 wheeler vs. quiet kat bike

    Rambo makes a cheaper electric bike. Quiet Cat is high end.
  7. Tim Hull

    EHD Article & Video- VERY GOOD!!!!

    Lee Lakosky talked about spraying for the midges in one of his podcasts. I wonder what he uses to try to eliminate them.
  8. Tim Hull

    Using Drones

    A drone used to locate deer is no different than a camera sending you an immediate picture on your phone letting you know where a deer is at real time, or pretty darn close to real time.
  9. Tim Hull


    I just always switch to 200 lbs winter rye per acre if we don't get rain soon.
  10. Tim Hull

    “Post on posts”? Rubbing posts...

    just take a walk through the timber. You can usually find some wrapped around a tree.
  11. Tim Hull

    Spraying Rate for Round up and 2-4d

    Liberty if I read it right stays in the soil(residual) and I would not want to plant brassicas anytime soon after using Liberty.
  12. Tim Hull

    Question on 24D ester

    Depends on the amount per acre. The directions say 1 pint per acre then wait 7 or 10 days. If 2 pints 30 days.
  13. Tim Hull

    Tractor Shopping

    I had a 37 hp Kubota hydrostat and moved up to the 58 hp due to it bogging down when bush hogging
  14. Tim Hull

    Necked cartidge bill returns HF 716

    Then we can all shoot 1.5 yr old bucks like they do in Michigan. That gets me really excited for the future.
  15. Tim Hull

    Anyone heard? No early muzzy or late doe season this year?

    Like most govt agencies they are working from home I would guess and not getting much work done.
  16. Tim Hull

    Looking at getting a new Muzzleloader

    The easy answer is to go smokeless. There are several other persons doing the Arrowhead type smokeless builds and that is the way I went and don't regret it. The cost is significant though.
  17. Tim Hull

    Beans are in !!

    The Greatest thing about a bean plot is if it fails you can always replant something in July, August or even September.
  18. Tim Hull

    Planting times?

    I always want to plant mine late in may but then you can miss out on some really good rains and then June nothing. So I always try to plant my beans when ground temps are in 60s and around 1st week of may, just because I have had bad luck with no rain in June several times.
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