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Search results

  1. T

    Lyme Disease shot

    I remember that. The story was, there wasn't enough demand for the shot to make it profitable to make. Wonder if that has changed. I doubt the federal gov't will push for it, since mostly "deplorables" go out in the woods. Ticks will be out shortly with this warm-up.
  2. T

    New Hunters Guide

    He's certainly passionate. And he addresses a real issue, how DO you start from scratch. Hope his channel succeeds.
  3. T

    Helping deer over winter.....

    If you've been feeding deer corn and hay all winter, they will be able to digest it fine. If they have been just living on browse till now, a pile of corn is the worst thing you could do. We had a terrible winter back in 00-01. DNR said grassy hay was the best for starving deer. They will eat...
  4. T

    Native grass seeding

    Our PF chapter has 3 native grass drills, all with the agitators Sligh mentions. We use cocoa hulls for a seed filler, particularly for the small seed pollinator plantings. They are available through our Farm Fleet store. I have no idea if that will help through a Brillion. If you're doing...
  5. T

    Early shed year? Brother’s buck shed at shot

    I have no idea if it affects shedding or not, but an observation. As a farmer, maybe I'm more tuned in to this than others. Have you ever noticed how deer feed heavily in fresh picked corn and bean fields? As the days go by it tapers off, really tapering off if we get a heavy rain that...
  6. T

    HSB 116 Pro gun bill

    Heard that Biden signed an EO to allow lawsuits against gun manufacturers. Will a state bill do any good?
  7. T

    Beans up BIGLY

    Up here in NE Iowa, we were considered a garden spot of sorts. Bean yields may have been the best ever, corn yields are way off though. We were really wet till mid-July. Then the taps shut off and a drought set in. Beans must have had enough water to finish, but corn didn't. Ethanol plants...
  8. T

    Team 10

    I won't be hitting the woods till later in Oct. Have to get my crops out first, but when that's done I'm all in!
  9. T

    Opening weekend (archery)

    I'm doing a all day sit.......... in my combine
  10. T

    What's your unpopular hunting opinion

    Youth season should be only antlerless. And a max of 4 years. There's 16 year olds hunting youth that already have more big big bucks on the wall than most adults. You don't learn to hunt by shooting the booners that your Dad patterned and has 2000 pics of. I know I'll get hammered for this one!
  11. T

    20-21 Team Contest Sign Up

    Bonker's gas story is true. That's as close to puking from catching a whiff of fart as I ever hope to be. Think of the worst flu fart multiplied by 3 and you may come close. What was that movie where those idiots did dumb stuff to each other and one guy farted into another guys gas mask and he...
  12. T

    20-21 Team Contest Sign Up

    Hope you have another place to hunt Bonker. I don't allow competitive hunting on my land. Kidding! Sign me up too then. Bonker and I have to be on the same team so I can make sure he cheats fairly. Just trying to protect the integrity of this contest. Any other old guys want to be on our team?
  13. T


    I probably should clarify. I'm a farmer so my P and K goes on with my corn planter. I only plant one small food plot to corn. My other plots are rotated from winter rye to brassicas and back, with red clover as the off season cover crop. They've been no-tilled for many years and I haven't put P...
  14. T


    I put on my P and K with my corn planter but you can spread it on top and it will get into the soil provided you no-till so your soil has pores for water to infiltrate and leach it down. I've been broadcasting treated urea onto my corn when it's about a foot tall, for about 5 years now. Works...
  15. T


    Got 1.4 in. of rain last night. Didn't even close the cracks in the field so I know it all went in the ground. Hope you southern guys get some this week. Close to 100 degrees in Denver today, chance of snow out there Tues. morning. Quite the front coming through!
  16. T


    A few weeks ago they forecast a widespread good rain and it completely fizzled. As my Dad used to say," In a drought all signs of rain fail." Time will tell. This year we went into summer with a full soil moisture profile. July 1st we were too wet. Look how fast that changed.
  17. T

    Midwest Whitetail

    I enjoy Bill Winke for the most part and just watched his first show of the year. He announced that he sold his land. He said he never thought he would sell it, but things change. Wonder what happened and how it will affect his show. Someone must have made him an offer he couldn't refuse!
  18. T

    Off topic, maybe controversial but a lot of fun & excitement!!!!

    There will be no debates. For "safety" the questions will be given to each candidate to answer to a camera. No spontaneous questions or rebuttals will be allowed. I feel sorry for Biden. I watched my uncle descend into dementia and it was so frustrating for him. The new Trump campaign ad...
  19. T

    Rough score on this guy?

    Hell of a buck but the shrink from losing velvet is big. I'd save your score guess till he sheds and you get a pic. Definitely a sweaty palm buck though!!
  20. T


    As a former cattle feeder and dairy farmer, I grew alfalfa for most of my life. Starting in the 90's, a little pest called a potato leafhopper showed up. We had to spray insecticide every crop or the little buggers would suck the juice out of the plant, turn it yellow so it quit growing, and if...
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