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Search results

  1. Tim Hull

    Gravity Wagon Blind for Sale

    I have a Gravity Wagon that I converted into a blind. I ended up doing something different on a plot of mine. Would work perfect for a mobile blind for someone. Located near Brighton, Iowa. $1,400 obo. There is a trap door to still place corn or whatever to dump into the wagon for photos after...
  2. Tim Hull

    Looking for Reviews on Great Plains nts2507 or the Genesis No Till Drukk

    I am tired of dealing with weeds and the no rain july and augusts and looking to go No-Till for all the benefits that it provides. I am leaning between these two. Anybody have any input on these No-Till Drills. Thank
  3. Tim Hull

    Woods PSS72, Firminator, Kasco?

    I want a drill, but a decent one is 15K. I hear complaints about the Woods Seeder and Firminators leaving seed scattered around. Currently I rototill, then spread seed with atv and then use atv to drag harrow and cover seed when I plant beans and corn. I then in the fall rototill and then...
  4. Tim Hull

    Do Bobcats eat deer?

    I am having an interesting discussion on the DNR Page with people who believe that Bobcats have no impact at all on deer and turkey numbers. I saw 5 Bobcats in 2 days on my farm in Washington County, Iowa. I used to see 30 to 40 turkeys a day and now I am lucky to see 5. Am I wrong in believing...
  5. Tim Hull

    Turkey Run jefferson County

    Anyone have any idea how much pressure this public hunting area gets?
  6. Tim Hull

    Age and Score

    What do you guys think for age and score?
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