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Search results

  1. Hide-the-Hippy

    Bowtech Reign 7

    For Sale 2017 Bowtech Reign 7 Draw: 29 Weight: 60 Axel/Axel: 32.625” Brace Height: 7” Black Limbs & Risers Anthem Custom String Mint Condition Accessories 3 Pin Pro Fire Fuse Sight Fuse Stabilizer QAD Ultra Rest-Fuse Black 5 Arrow Quiver 3/16” Peep $750 Bare $1,200 Fully Loaded Just...
  2. Hide-the-Hippy

    Grunt Call?

    Gang, Be doing a lot of research on whitetail behavior and reading up some knowledge. I really did some trial runs with grunts and different styles and technique with grunt calls last season. I managed to bring in a few bucks during different times. Had a lot of fun learning too and was...
  3. Hide-the-Hippy

    removing old tree pegs

    Is there an "easy way" of removing pegs that the tree has started growing around them?? You know..ones that have been in the tree for 6+ years. If so..please share!
  4. Hide-the-Hippy

    The Hippy Scores! (Pic Heavy)

    Finally was able to capitalize on an opportunity this morning. We've had close calls on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning. Wednesday morning we did not make it to the woods because of some..ahh..other "commitments". ;) Had an awesome set-up, knew exactly were they were roosting. Overall we...
  5. Hide-the-Hippy

    The Hippy's Foto Diary

    I'm much more of a lurker on this site than anything else. And I absolutely love keeping up with everyones shed diaries and journals. I have received some awesome feed back and positive comments about my recent picture I posted in the shed hunting thread titled "Stary-night Shed". I came up with...
  6. Hide-the-Hippy

    2004 Hoyt Magnatec Zr200

    I have a 2004 Hoyt Magnatec Zr200 for sale. I purchased the bow used in fall of 2011 and since then harvested seven deer. The bow will come with a 3-pin cobra sight, stabilizer, and an octane rest. The bow was restrung with new cables in fall of 2012 with an Anthem Archery Custom String...
  7. Hide-the-Hippy

    Iowa Grand Slam?

    What do you have to do in one day to get the Iowa Grand Slam? 1. Shoot a Turkey 2. Find Morel Mushrooms 3. ? 4. ?
  8. Hide-the-Hippy


    I became really close friends with kid from the twin cities while up at Luther. We started hunting together our freshman year, and he has shot three bucks between bow hunting and shotgun season. In July we got pictures of this buck we called him Thor. Keaton's exact words were "I want to...
  9. Hide-the-Hippy

    Guess I'll start it....

    State sucks! :moon::moon: GO HAWKS!
  10. Hide-the-Hippy

    May not be packing alot of horn...

    ...but sure is packing a lot of something else...
  11. Hide-the-Hippy

    Sunday is a big day...

    I hope my Vikings pick up a win against the Lions...but the only win I am hoping for is Olympic Wrestling to return to the 2020 games. I guess in this case, "We win, we will get drunk. We lose, we still will get drunk." :drink1:
  12. Hide-the-Hippy

    Wildgame Trail Camera Issues

    I have a Wildgame Innovations 5.0 W5E Micro Camera and it has been a great working camera. However, as of lately it has been acting up. I have my trigger set for every 30 seconds...and it will take a picture every 30 seconds.Therefore, after a couple days I had roughly 2,500 pictures of...
  13. Hide-the-Hippy

    All Natural Trout

    I am a pretty lucky guy to have at least 3 miles of a private trout stream to roll through my hunting access ground. The best part about this steam is that it is all natural. Therefore, this stream is not stocked by the DNR. If you're welling to muscle up, put some pants on, and walk a half mile...
  14. Hide-the-Hippy

    Mother's Day Bird

    I was lucky enough to kill this gobbler on Mother's Day. I had set up and knew exactly where the birds were coming from. I worked one from the roost for bout 45 minutes, got to bout 80 yards, and hung up. As he was walking away, this guy was coming in. I guess I didn't really notice him until I...
  15. Hide-the-Hippy

    I gotta confession..

    Okay, don't judge. But tonight I was getting ready to go out with some friends of mine for some fun and shenanigans. I was getting ready and I realize that I had worn my, only pair of blue jeans I had clean, out into the woods this afternoon to check some cameras and doing some trout...
  16. Hide-the-Hippy

    Not a buck...

    But a duck! Got the phone call early this morning that my duck was done! The lighting is a little funky in my room, but overall, I think it turned out really nice! I'm still pretty excited! :)
  17. Hide-the-Hippy

    Up Close & Personal

    I just think this is a pretty cool video! My favorite one I have ever gotten on camera. http://s1241.photobucket.com/albums/gg516/DoubleOBros/?action=view&current=f9e0a6ad.mp4
  18. Hide-the-Hippy

    Walleye from 6/25

    Im uploading this from my phone, hopefully things go good. The pictures might come out sideways...hopefully it doesn't. But I caught this guy early this morning.
  19. Hide-the-Hippy

    Boundary Waters

    We made our annual trip up to the Boundary Waters again this year. We put in on Gabbro Lake (about a half hour away from Ely, MN.) We put on a Friday morning and came on Tuesday (6/12). We spent our first night on Turtle Lake, second and third night on Gull Lake, and our fourth night on Gabbro...
  20. Hide-the-Hippy

    Makeover for Helen

    I decided to give a makeover to my one of my hen decoys. I have been meaning to do it for a long time and after seeing some posts, I figured today would be a good day. I touched up pretty much everything but the legs. Let me know what you guys think...anything to add for detail? Here is...
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