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Search results

  1. OneSlugDoug

    Not a good start to the new year!

    Well I hate to say it but one of the things I've always thought would never happen to me actually happened to on New Year’s Eve and it just so happen to be on the worst things that could happen! The hunt started as I parked my truck on the side of the road and headed out to a grass field I...
  2. OneSlugDoug

    New ISU Jersey's

    Thought you guys would be interseted in the new ISU Paintball Jerseys. This is my first year here at ISU and I joined the Paintball team and have been having a great time! Here is the front Back
  3. OneSlugDoug

    target buck last day

    This buck was my #1 target buck and I gave him the name “Crabby” Oct. 22nd I had 3 does come out and Crabby was right behind them, unfortunately the does got downwind before he could come in range. That was the first time I had seen Crabby and right away he was the buck I wanted to harvest...
  4. OneSlugDoug


    I know the pic is kind of crappy but based on the pic what do you think this guy will score?
  5. OneSlugDoug

    More Pics

    Here is a 10 that showed up on 2 of my cams Some more pics of the target buck, i finally seen him hunting and he looks more mature in person than he does on the camera A new buck that showed up Here is my new target buck :way: i had this buck at 40 yards my first night...
  6. OneSlugDoug

    Oh Yeah!!!

    went and got my deer cams toady and i am very happy with what i found!!! First up just a pic i think is cool Next another cool pic Next got this guy on 2 of my cams Next a funky looking buck, I have lots of pics of this guy And now my target buck Here is...
  7. OneSlugDoug

    So far

    here is what i have so far... Lots of pics of this guy If only it was a better pic :mad:
  8. OneSlugDoug

    4th Season Globber

    Since I don’t have class till late in the morning on Tuesdays, I decided to go out to my parent’s farm. Right when I got up and started walking through the big bean field I heard a gobble right behind the house. I decided to get to the edge of our property, before I got there the tom stop...
  9. OneSlugDoug

    Two 10's

    Here is some pics of two 10s on the same camera First 10 looks like a shooter. Im thinkin 150ish what do you think? another picture Second 10 looks to be 140ish what do you guys think?
  10. OneSlugDoug

    scrape pics

    Here are some pics off 3 of my cameras setup on some scrapes nice 8 same 8 10 same 10 little 8 8 deer amd coon 9 10 one last 10
  11. OneSlugDoug

    Suicidal Tom

    Here is my brothers Tom he shot on the last day I'll let him tell the crazy story 10" 23 pounds 1 3/8 spur other broke off Congrats Scott
  12. OneSlugDoug

    2 Toms In 2 Hours

    My Turkey: Late Friday afternoon, Clayton (MuzzHunter) and I roosted a tom on some public land. In the moring we came back to that same area and listened for some gobbles so that we could setup on that same tom. After hearing no gobbles, we started walking down through a bottom and Clayton...
  13. OneSlugDoug

    mom's 1st tom

    This is my mom's first tom and it is an impressive one. My brother and my mom went out together out in our bean field and heard a lot of gobbles early in the moring but like always they stopped later on in the morning. While i was hunting a grass field not to far away and i heard a gun shot and...
  14. OneSlugDoug

    Scrape Pics

    Got the camera's yesterday good 8 good 8 again great 10 10 again same 10 another good looking 10 ugly looking the stud muffin
  15. OneSlugDoug

    Same Deer

    I dont think they are but they are only a minute apart what do you guys think?
  16. OneSlugDoug

    My Mount

    finally got around to posting my mount, i shot this buck during the youth season Aerial Pursuit Taxidermy did a excellent job very happy rough scored around 176 http://www.iowawhitetail.com/photopost/data/523/69861.jpg
  17. OneSlugDoug

    A Hunt To Rember

    Clayton(Muzzhunter) and I decided to go bow this year and im glad i did. It strated off with Friday morning Clayton and I went to a public spot and didnt see anything. So we went to my place friday afternoon. After we setup or 6 hens and a strutin tom decoys we called for awhile and stoped with...
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