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Search results

  1. grizhawkins

    2011 youth, just getting around

    My daughter Laikyn's 2011 youth season harvest. Yes...this is the camo she was wearing.
  2. grizhawkins

    safety reminder to you all

    To all you fellow white tail members, I'm writing this thread not for sympathy but as a reminder for u all to be safe and take the necessary precautions when moving or placing trees stands. Saturday I wanted to put up a quick stand before an evening hunt. Normally I don't use pegs, but its what...
  3. grizhawkins

    couple decent bucks

  4. grizhawkins

    any idea what this might be?

    i have no idea what this is, ive gone over some possibilities; a doe or fawn super close, but theres no white and the eye isnt proportional to the muzzle. a bird, maybe a wren, i just have no idea, a deer with a wart on it's neck?
  5. grizhawkins

    Moultrie D-50 Trail Camera

    i have two Moultrie D-50 Trail Cameras i'd like to sell, they work great, im just upgrading. id like to get $100 for the pair. ill pay shipping, or if your in the iowa city area ill meet or deliver. great start up cam, or if you just want a couple more eyes in the woods. you can let me know on...
  6. grizhawkins

    taxidermist pics of my 2010 buck

    If interested, check out jerry simon's website www.deer30.com my buck with the double main beam is under "deer of the week"
  7. grizhawkins

    double mainbeam

    Sooo....finally a decent 1st season opener weather-wise, but i had to pick up my daughter (pictured below) at 9:00 am. I had oppertunities at two decent bucks, a 10 at first light and an 8 around 8:30. both i would have gladly taken with a bow. 9:15 rolls around at i really need to get out of my...
  8. grizhawkins

    3 bucks, 3 farms

    Ideas of an age for top buck? he's been around for a couple years, never puts any length on. Ideas on a score for this fellow in black/white? seems to have some pretty serious G2's and 3's This guy showed up this morning
  9. grizhawkins

    grizhawkinsdesigns t-shirts

    Hello everyone, Design and photography have been a long time hobby of mine. I've recently decided to combine the two, and start a small design business. The first design is simply called scrape. I got the idea from some of my trailcam pictures. I have white ink on brown shirts, white on black...
  10. grizhawkins

    have'nt seen him since

    i love big 8's
  11. grizhawkins

    8 pt, 9 pt, 10 pt, 11 pt,....

  12. grizhawkins

    weekend photography

  13. grizhawkins

    favorite deercam pics

    these are a few of my favorite deercam pics the i got from last year. i finally got them digitized. i hope ya'll like them.
  14. grizhawkins

    03' bow harvest

    i never posted a picture of my bow buck, i have field pictures but just haven't got around to scanning them, so heres a few pictures from the digital camera as well as my journal entry from the day of harvest. October 31 (PM) Halloween Hunted treestand in Walls fencerow. Started at 4:00 pm...
  15. grizhawkins

    question for old buck

    I currently live in the Minneapolis area and I have purchased a lot of wildlife paintings from a place called Art Barbarians. Last Spring they had a boat cruise down the St. Coix River with with some of their customers and artist. they are planning the same thing this spring probably around...
  16. grizhawkins

    huge deer

    Thought you might want to see this one! I got this information 2nd hand so hopefully the details are correct. It was shot during bow season in late Nov., 4 miles East of Peosta. This guy new he hit it and could not find it. He located it during the 2nd day of Shotgun season Dead! He...
  17. grizhawkins


    I'm a little too old to enter in the art contest at the classic, but i've always wanted to share some of my art with people who appreciate the outdoors and wildlife as much as i do. I love drawing and painting whitetails, probably because its easier to draw a B&C or P&Y than it is to harvest...
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