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    Midwest Whitetail

    I enjoy Bill Winke for the most part and just watched his first show of the year. He announced that he sold his land. He said he never thought he would sell it, but things change. Wonder what happened and how it will affect his show. Someone must have made him an offer he couldn't refuse!
  2. T

    Early hard horn!!!

    Cool morning got me checking treestands and I kicked up a 110-120 eight pt. all cleaned off already. Gets you going!
  3. T

    What's the one thing that makes you shut off a hunting show?

    I don't pay for any outdoor channels on TV, but I get LOTS of links to stuff on youtube. Maybe I'm just an old grumpy guy, well no maybe about it, but I can't stand the fistpump and the phrase, " I SMOKED him". I mean, was that buck your mortal enemy in combat or something? Isn't that a...
  4. T

    Getting ready for 2nd season!

    With 6 in. of snow on the ground and a low tonight of 20-22 degrees, I'm getting out some heavy clothes for a sit tomorrow morning. As I'm digging out long underwear it occurred to me. It's going to be colder on April 20th than it was the morning of Jan. 10 when Bonker and I sat in trees the...
  5. T

    KingBonker's New Throne

    This tale starts during 2nd season this spring. Bonker was up to the Stabbin Cabin for our annual hunt. The "facilities" consist of a 5 gallon pail with the bottom cut out over a hole dug up the hill behind the cabin, well hidden in the cedars for privacy. I even have one of those toilet seats...
  6. T

    CR Gazette column

    Anyone else see the guest column by Jon Stravers on March 14 concerning the funding of the Natural Resource Trust Fund? I'm not good at posting links but if you search" Jon Stravers Gazette" it will come up. Sums things up pretty well I think.
  7. T

    Allamakee CWD Meetings

    I attended yesterday's meeting in Harper's Ferry. Dale Garner did an excellent job of presenting the situation to a packed house of people. They are asking for 150-200 more samples from the immediate area where these positives were found. They asked for volunteers to participate in collecting...
  8. T

    Ozone scent control test in Field and Stream

    Anybody else see it? Looks like the darned thing works after all.
  9. T

    Treestandup ground anchors

    Since I'm using more ladder stands these days I bought a couple of these aids at the deer classic last spring. Those things really work slick, especially if the ground is uneven or a little slanted. Treestandup.com and no, I have no connection to the company. Another thing I do is forget the...
  10. T

    First CWD meeting

    Just got home from the first CWD meeting put on by the DNR up here in Monona. Dale Garner did a good job as usual outlining the history and spread of CWD. What everyone was wondering is the course of action. Nothing earth-shattering is going to happen. DNR just wants increased sampling in the...
  11. T

    Another turkey opener at the Stabbin Cabin

    is in the books. Being so old that it takes me just as long to trim my nose, ear hair and eyebrows as it does to shave, causes me to reflect a bit. As I cleaned the ashes out of the woodstove, swept the floor and carried out the trash; I realized the things I'll remember most of the last three...
  12. T

    Dedgeez is building a new house

    He MUST be. He keeps making these trips to a lumberyard in DSM every spring. You'd think he would have enough "wood" by now to get started. I guess I guy can never have enough 2 x 4s.
  13. T

    Watch for the huge white flash

    on all the satellite pictures of earth. Bonker is going beachcombing in a few days and when he peels off his shirt, the reflection of the sun on his alabaster belly is bound to cause some questions for the Weather Channel folks. Not to mention the tsunami that will form when he jumps in the...
  14. T

    How many of the master debaters here recently

    Would love a IW booth at the classic so you can meet your opponent/buddy face to face? Any chance of that?? I would buy a bunch of beers for the chance to see some of you guys meet in person. No wait, beers are like 8 bucks or something. I would buy a couple beers!!! If you came to the IBA...
  15. T

    Meat is meat, right??

    Just read where Wal-Mart in China is offering refunds to customers who bought donkey meat at their stores. It was tainted with what they think is fox meat. Slaughterhouses over there must be interesting places!!
  16. T

    little crisp out this morn

    -6 degrees in the shade this morning but no wind. I'm going out and sit just so I can say I did. Guarantee it won't be a long hunt!!!
  17. T

    What would the rut be like

    If we had at least six in. of snow on the ground? One of my favorite deer hunting fantasies would be hunting the first days of Nov. with a big snow on the ground. I remember back in 1991 or 92 that we had a BIG snowstorm on Halloween. My kids were young and I distinctly recall the snow piled up...
  18. T

    Hunting rig for sale

    1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale. Only reason for selling is my daughter took my "good" vehicle so I needed one rig for hunting and dress up and found a 07 Grand Cherokee. I've had this for 2 1/2 years and loved it. Virtually no rust, 175,000 miles. 6 cylinder. new muffler this spring.Went...
  19. T

    Unbelievable customer service

    I know it's been said on here before that Welter seed is a great place to order plot seed, but WOW. I realized over the weekend that I didn't have enough Rape,turnip, brassica seed to do a failed soybean plot. I put my order in at 9 am Monday and the seed arrived this after noon at 2. It's in...
  20. T

    Corn harvest date

    Talked to an ethanol plant corn buyer yesterday about selling them some corn. She said the anticipated beginning corn harvest date for Iowa is Oct. 19. With no corn yet tasseling, I agree completely. Even with perfect weather from here on out, it will be late. Just about all the soybeans...
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