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11/12 Buck


PMA Member
Not too much of a story here. Landowner moved his cattle from large riverbottom pasture about 1/2 mile away over to where I been hunting late Oct and first week November. The deer movement went way down with the cows in there feeding on the cut corn. So I decided to make a move.

Decided to hunt the pasture ground on Saturday Nov 12th. Got stand setup in a good funnel and ended up seeing 4 bucks, all walked within range, one decent 3yr old buck. Wanted to make a move around noon, so went to truck and grabbed another stand that I wanted to leave up and hung it right by the river in a small patch of timber. Ended up seeing 6 more bucks that afternoon. Decided to rattle right at sunset and this one came steamrolling in from some thick grassy area and some blowdowns near the river. He stopped at 8 yards and I made a quick decision and let him have it. He made it about 25 yards and ran into tree and was down! Probably dead within 5 seconds.

Waited for a buddy that wanted to help and he snapped a pretty cool pic.




Active Member
Congrats! Looks like a great mature deer.
Could you put up a couple pics of your hoist? Trying to decide how to install something in my garage.


PMA Member
I’ll snap a couple pics tonight. It’s just one from menards that I hooked up to like a 1/2 x 4” eye bolt in one of my trusses. Works great

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