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Backpack Sprayers


Well-Known Member
I recently bought a Solo 4 gallon sprayer for tackling honey suckle in the woods. Only used it one time so for but worked very well for the purpose.
I bought one of these back in 2005 and it works great has 4 or 5 different pump speeds You can also buy an optional 2 or 3 nozzle hand held boom for it.
This was the cheapest place I found today. Little pricey but well worth the $$


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PMA Member
Just used one for the first time yesterday. Sprayed about an acre and a half. Much handier than a hand held. I got the manual pump and it was no problem to pump it as you walked along. Holds 4 vs 2 gallons and I didn't have t stop to pump it up. Wish I bought one a long time ago. I happened to get the Dewalt one, so I probably overpaid for the name, but it looked like it had the most comfortable "backpack" suspension of the ones at my local Farm & Fleet.


Active Member
Used my cheapo one from Harbor Freight tools just a day ago. It's my 2nd one, on sale they were $29.99. The connection for the strap broke on the first one after a couple years. This 2nd one is 4 years old and still working fine. They are so much better than a hand held one. I sprayed about 10 gallons thru it this trip to the farm..

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seven twenty

PMA Member
I use a 4 gallon made by roundup. I’ve had it for 3 yrs now and it works great. Can’t recall exactly what I paid, $60 maybe.


Staff member
This is mine- I love them. Cheap and get the DIAPHRAM PUMP. I just like cause mixes wettable powders too. & doesn’t leak down back. I’m sure others Above are great options.
Also - sprayer specialties always has solid stuff- great quality. & they located in grimes, iowa.




Active Member
I've used solos a lot to for my business but I'll second field kings. Very nice sprayer n doesn't leak besides a little now n then when shaking it up


PMA Member
Yup on all of the above - I've been burned when I didn't clean out chemical, even if just for a couple weeks. It gummed up and ruined a sprayer or two for me.


I’ve used a Solo diaphragm 4 gal for 8 years now. Just made my first small repair this year. Works great. Pricey, but worth it, IMO


Active Member
I’ve used a Solo diaphragm 4 gal for 8 years now. Just made my first small repair this year. Works great. Pricey, but worth it, IMO

Same here, love the Solo. Keep them clean, spraying is my least favorite thing to do but necessary
Like my Field King Max( just ordered 2 more an hour ago from amazon) better than Solo's...IMO they hold up much better that the Solo's...I've had way too many Solos leak from top lid....never with Field Max
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