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Biggie Smalls


New Member
I'm not one to post much on social media but figured I'd finally take the time to post my late season muzzy buck. I had this deer down to a small core area late in the season hitting three bedding areas. The first sit I was able to lay eyes on him in the evening, which was a Monday. I took the next day off do to some higher temps and a non favorable southeast wind. That Wednesday we had a high around 50 and 30mph+ winds but the temps were dropping fast so hit it again. I told myself to leave the blind and give it a chance in its location but made a move to where I had laid eyes on him two night prior and wouldn't you know it, he walked within 40 yards of were it had been. Sucked seeing him walk right there when I told myself to give it a chance but knew I was for sure in the game. Thursday, Christmas Eve came and went with no sighting. Saturday followed suit with lots of deer, but no Biggie. Sunday came and was the typical night, covered with around 30 deer but nothing that would get you excited. Was texting my wife what was for supper and look out the blind to see a doe staring right into the blind hardcore around 60 yards. I had dropped the back window cover down prior and was a good thing. While looking at her I noticed corn stalks blowing on the crest of the hill behind her........ but then it hit me, the wind was blowing very hard. Pulled up and saw a rack and assumed it was just a small buck. This buck was over the crest of the hill and couldn't see anything but a little bit of antler. No head, no body, just short tines. Next thing you know, this buck raises its head and turns. The split G2 and kicker on the right side was a dead give away, Biggie Smalls was in the house. Text the wife, "he's here gtg." The doe finally decided to make her way broadside across the blind and Biggie was up her rear. I had been seeing bucks chasing does front that spot that week and guessing she was one that didn't take and came back in late. She moved, he moved. She stop and look, he'd take the opportunity to eat. They came across around 60-70 yards and the rest was history. He hit the ground and never moved. I looked at the phone and I think the wife was more nervous to get him on the ground. Great deer, great season, but the best part was getting family pictures with our son that was born last February. Now, as far as the deer's name, the first time I got him on camera it was clear that he's a good deer, but a small left main beam....... hints Biggie Smalls. Hope you enjoyed the short, but long story, of Biggie. I know I sure enjoyed the chase. It's a little bitter sweet not seeing him on camera any more but is going to be a great addition to the wall.download_20201227_203234.jpgdownload_20201227_203231.jpg


Staff member
That’s a tank!! Did u have prior years history or know of him before? Looks old. Congrats!!!
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