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Just wondering if anyone else is seeing numerous amouts of bobcats in their respective hunting areas. I have seen four already this year. Just about hit one the other morning while I was out driving around checking out some hunting areas. I have never seen but maybe one bobcat prior to this year in all my years of hunting the Southwest Iowa area. What gives?


I don't think a bobcat can take down a full grown deer. They will eat one that is already dead, but are not big enough to kill one alone.


New Member
A friend of mine who was hunting down by Seymor this fall had a bobcat walk right under his treestand. It was the first one he had seen down there.


I had a bobcat walk under my stand in Nov. He looked up at me serveral times but he never did spook. He would take a few steps and look up and take a few more and look up again, he did this for 30-40 yards. I had several friends that has seen cats this year also


I was in hunting in Unit 4 this year and heard of several sightings of a Mountain lion. Some of the sighting were within a half mile of where I was hunting and were reported by numerous neighbors in the area. The local news ran a small segment on it. This was during the week of 12/01. Has anyone heard about this?


what part of the state are you guys form?
I've never seen a bobcat around my area!


New Member
i hunt near manchester and i have heard a bobcat several time while turkey hunting, never seen one, but we did see several sets of tracks last winter in the snow. several coon hunters have been frustrated because of the dogs treeing what they thought was a coon only to find out it was a bobcat.

Push Farms

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by strutnrut:
No you can not shoot bobcats.
I live in southeast iowa and we have had serveral mountain lions sightings.
<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>I live in southeast Iowa. My cousin traps my farm and he caught a bobcat this year. Very cool we took pictures and some video and release it. It was very cool. I bow hunt alot and never seen it from my stand. A hunter to the north of me seen it. I also got a picture on my photo scout of it.
Go early, stay late, hunt safe
Kelly @ Push Farms


Where have you been seeing Mountain lions in SE Iowa? I have heard some rumors of several different animals not normally found around here but those, so far, are just rumors. Bigfoot was even supposed to have been sighted not too far from here. Keeps me looking over my shoulder. Coyote hunting here in Jefferson county could get real interesting this year. Guess we won't be able to shoot the first thing that comes along without positively knowing it's a coyote.
Also, does anybody have any pointers for keeping warm in my treestand? I've been spoiled by filling my tags early the last couple of years and this year I've still got the itch to go out and use my empty tag. I guess I'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather so I'd really appreciate some input.
Stay warm.
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