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Closed the deal on Birddog


Active Member
On November 14th droptine37 finally let me sit a stand that he had earlier this year taken claim to his spot. No argument from me considering he has been away from the farm for the past decade. I was excited to sit the afternoon even though we typically only hunt this stand in the morning. The wind was right and so was the time of year. Last year in this stand I hit a 180, basically shaved his armpit off at 22 yards on Nov 9th. This year droptine37 same stand, same date missed the same buck at 15 yards. He hit a branch and the arrow went over his back. So needless to say this stand produces, we only hunt it during the rutting period. I got settled in about 1:45 and at 2 a doe came through acting like she was tired and looking for a place to hide. No buck dogging her. It was a good 10 minutes before a nice 8 came hot on her trail and followed her track all the way onto the neighbors farm. Not long after that I caught movement again and saw it was a good buck and he was dogging the same trail. I recognized the buck right away. It was a buck we had named Birddog and ironically enough that was exactly what he was doing. I had to act fast because I knew he was going to follow the first 2 off the farm. I had 2 windows left before game over. Bleated at the first window, nothing could have cared less. I pulled back settled in, bleated again and not much hesitation but I let one fly. He was slightly quartering away. I entered at his last rib, went through his liver and one lung. He didn't go all but a 100 yards. Only thing left to do is figure out a way to payback droptine37!



He's pretty, darker antlers and hide, congrats! You can't beat a robin egg blue sky in the back ground and deep/dark colors combined. Cool story and great hunt!
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