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Corn food plots


Everyone knows corn has high nitrogen needs, which can make it expensive for a food plot. What if the plant captured it's own nitrogen like the corn variety Sierra Mixe? My first thought was COOL!! with the second thought being what could go wrong with introducing such a plant. Seems there is usually something in hindsight that makes us think we shouldn't have gone down a certain path......


Active Member
Interesting, currently needs 8 month growing season?
Be curious if the genetically modified it with current corn seed.


Staff member
Skeptical but possible?.... plants that fix N - any legumes, etc- u need to have legume grow, fix N, die & release it. I spose maybe corn could use some. Best method IMO I’ve seen.... Carpet of clovers..... strip spraying a band to plant row in or strip till. I’d make one more guess that a guy would want to lower seed population as well- if on rougher soils especially.
other than an invasive issue- sure can’t hurt to try a few different things and see how it does. And post the results back!
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