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Cruising Buck on November 20th


PMA Member
The last couple years have been a little rough, so it's a understatement to how happy I was everything came together this morning on a new farm.

Last year had two mature deer on home farm , one was real regular other was hit and miss but both bucks were great deer. After several close calls and constant sightings from house felt like it was just a matter of time before we crossed paths, early November hit and one buck was super active on farm and in daylight. Then my neighbor was fortunate enough to harvest him. I was disappointed but there was still another great buck around, sadly a week later a friend of the neighbors harvested this buck as well from the same blind. That ended the season last year.



This year again started off with a target buck showing up real regular on my home farm. Had good food sources and was catching a few daylight photos in October. Felt like I would have a chance. Which was good because I had lost access to all my other farms(1 owner) so I was very limited on short notice of what I could hunt.

Almost same story as last year. Neighbor text me on October 29th, he'd again shot my target buck. I was more than frustrated because the guy owns about 1000 acres and hunt 100 yards from my property. He has better cover and more acres and the deer funnel across him to my food sources, no doubt it's a good set up. Anyway I went over to visit and congratulate him and gave him a hard time about shooting all the good ones I see and he ups and gives me permission to everything.


I've never been on his farms but was familiar with them. But here it was November 1st and starting from scratch. Got some cameras up and started scouting from road. Got a couple good deer on camera and seen a couple other good deer from road. Slipped in and set up lone wolf on a pinch point and hunted next morning. Seen tons of deer and had encounter with a great buck, just couldn't pull it all together.

Hung another stand where I had got several pictures of what I considered to be the #3 shooter. The one I had encounter with would have been #1, and #2 was deer I seen from road but have yet to get pictures of anything that reminded me of that deer.


So in last week of hunting had tons of young deer but really hadn't came across any shooters while in stand. Was getting a few trail cam photos but they were a little scattered and not giving me much. Today would be the 8th day of no mature deer pictures.

I felt like lockdown should be coming to an end and I felt like some of the bucks where probably be coming back to the areas I had been seeing them. Wind was going to switch and yesterday I couldn't hint so slipped in and put my lone wolf on the back side of a inside corner, it was about a 1/4 mile from where I had been getting pictures.

This morning was super still and was surprised to make it in without bumping anything. The tree wasn't much but was literally the only thing there. It is mainly young trees in this patch of brush, I was hardly 10 foot off the ground but it was best I could do. Anyway, it was a short hunt. Didn't see a deer and woods were quite, could hear everything. About 7:20 hear a deer walking, get stood up and am watching with binoculars, steps into view at about 50 yards on a slow and steady walk. Instantly recognize him and grab my bow. How I figured he would come by would be to my right, but changes direction and heads stealing north and will pass on my left. Get turned around and realize the shooting Lanes suck for that side. He ends up walking 10' from base of tree and I stop him in small opening. Make the shot and he only makes it 30 yards before stopping and falling over.


I was incredibly happy and lucky to get permission and have an opportunity at him. Can't wait to fully walk this farm after deer season, I was on a half section and there is another full section I have yet to step foot on. Good luck to all still hunting.
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Wi transplant

PMA Member
Congrats !! And just proves to always try to get along with the neighbors you never know!!!! Awsome deer!!!

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Staff member
For all the bad luck & obstacles- that’s crazy how well that worked out & the bucks that were in the area. Wow. Well done, huge redemption!!
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