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Drip Torch?



Planning on trying to help the neighbors burn ~100 ac. of CRP next weekend. Anyone know where the cheapest place to buy a drip torch is? Forestry Supplies has them for about $150.00. I think the county conservation board has them for rent but it would be nice to not have to chase one down when needed.


I used a self lighting LP torch head (squeeze the trigger and it sparks to light) on a small LP cylinder. Your back may get a little tired of bending over to light fires, but it doesn't cost a lot of money and you have a tool you can use for other jobs throughout the year. Usually once I got the grass burning, dragging a garden rake through the flames picked up enough burning grass to drag along the edge of the burn to spread the flames.


PMA Member
I share the same feelings of wanting my own drip torch. I looked into it a few weeks ago and your $150 quote is about standard from what I found. Nothing on ebay and mostly found in Forestry Department Stores.

Must say I was bummed about the ebay deal. Kind of got me thinking I could make my own, but that could be a little risky...plus they should last a lifetime, so maybe not too bad of an investment for $150. There isn't much that compares to a drip torch when trying to create a fire line and maintain control of the fire.

I'm hoping someone can tell us there is a great deal to be had somewhere.


New Member
I had one purchased off eBay, $110 but it was 4 years ago- someone lifted it from the back of my truck. So I guess they are out there really cheap if you look. :-(
Be sure that all rakes and shovels have a screw through the handle or once they get hot they get loose and will fall off when you need them most.
Another item that has proven really useful is a leaf blower- both for starting and stopping a trouble spot.


Pharmer, Thanks for the reminder on the leaf blower, I wanted to haul that along this year.
I would't mind building some type of drip torch if I could come up with decent plan.
The cheapest I have found is $138.00 from "nationalfirefighter.com" so that may not hurt too bad as long as it don't "get lifted".

Central Iowa

I found this link a few months back while ordering parts for my torch it is a well put together instructional on drip torch use. Navigate using the next page/previous button at the bottom.
Drip Torch


New Member
they make what is basically a weed burner that uses 1lb propane tanks, I got one at the local hardware store for around $25

It's basically cane shaped, burner on the long end tank on the short.

Works great, it's not a drip torch but it'll sure start fires just fine.
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