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Ever get to the point


Well-Known Member
When you just wanna/need to be done?
I woke up this morning feeling that.
Sick of freezing my ass off and knowing ,as long as I have a tag, I'd keep doing it.
Hit 5he point today that enuff was enuff.


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PMA Member
Can't blame you for that, nice shot in brutal weather. Spent quite a few all day sits in Saskatchewan, and it can test your will for sure. Well done!


Well-Known Member
Yes and yes! Some years are like that. Then, on January 11th, after late muzzle loader season is over, I feel relieved and restless all at the same time.


Staff member
I had a few times this year when I was burning candle @ both ends with hunting & work needing done…. Hunted the least this year than any other. Next year I’m certain I’ll hunt more. Most seasons seem have points where it wears on a guy or burns em out. Hunting is a blast but sure don’t mean it’s all easy… & rainbows & butterflies everyday.
But ya, I get it and I hope you enjoy a relaxing & delicious back strap dinner in your near future! Congrats!

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Well-Known Member
Thanks fellas.
All out blizzard right now.
Yep Skip, deer chops,crispy hashbrowns mixed with a sweet bellpepper,onion,,, and mushrooms topped with melted cheese on the menu tonight.
(Oh, and beers) grin.


Land of the Whitetail
For sure, its a lot of fun and anticipation, but can turn into a total grind for sure.

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