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First bow kill


Life Member
What a day. Temp in the 90's, wind 30 to 40.
Sweating like a hog to get my blind in position. Get inside my blind, take my shirt off to cool off for a few minutes, look to my right and here they come! Frantically putting my shirt back on and face mask just as the gobbler starts strutting towards my decoy. Draw back, patience, patience, oh no my decoy falls over and spooks him. He starts to walk away from the decoy with his back to me. Sun in my eyes, concentrate, concentrate, whack! Right thru the back and out thru the front chest. Wow! What an exsperience! Have killed quite a few with the gun but this is the first with the bow! Don't ya just love it! Man o man! Congrats to all that have harvested their birds. Double bull blinds rule!


First bird with the bow is awesome, congrats. Those double bull blinds don't make it hardly seem fair do they? Of course you'd have to beat me to death and get a crowbar to pry my DBull out of my hands.
Congrats again.
Ken, congrats again on killing an Iowa longbeard with a bow! We've been putting it on them in Kansas, waiting for Monday to get here to fire it up on some Show-Me-State strutters.

I love the way you wrote "concentrate, concentrate...whack!" Remember that next time I come to Iowa with a video camera!hehe



Congrats "trper" on your longbeard with a bow, I have yet to achieve that goal, you should be proud!

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