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Fox Catching Mouse video added


Not me. That's a new error message I've not seen.

Screenshot_20210110-150942_Samsung Internet.jpg
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Staff member
Works perfect. He's sure having fun with that meal!!! Wish I had more fox around, they are cool! Great vid you caught!!!!


Really like to see red Fox. Was lucky to see a pair cross a road at 3 pm last Tuesday. Guessing breeding season daytime movement.

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PMA Member
Dang it. No wonder I can't find Speedy Gonzalez cartoons anymore! The fox ate him. :)

Watching a fox, or coyote, "mouse" is quite entertaining, especially in snow. Thanks for sharing. Also, an FWIW, we had a pair of reds trot through the front yard of our shop last week, in town, in far east Iowa City.
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