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Full bore bullets vs sabots

Anyone switch from sabots to full bore bullets? Just curious if they were more accurate? Shooting 50cal here with 100grs of triple 7.


Active Member
I had very good accuracy with the sabots but switched to full bore bullets because I didn't like the bullet performance.(tried several brands and styles, 225 to 240 grain)

The full bore have been as good if not better for accuracy and the wound channel/blood trails have been outstanding if I needed to follow one. The bullet performance is night and day better than my sabot rounds. The bullets load so easy compared to the sabots as well. I haven't see a down side to them.

This is what I use.

Hornady 50cal 300gr FPB Muzzleloader Bullet

and use blackhorn 209 powder to push them.


Well-Known Member
How do these bullets get their rotation without a sabot? Any concerns about damaging the riffling of your barrel over time because of not having a sabot. I am interested in trying a full bore bullet just a couple thoughts I had when looking at them.


They are large enough they dig into the rifling a bit which is what gives them rotation in the way out. Lead bullets are not going to damage your steel rifling at all.
No sabot is great in a 45cal. In 50's, there's not a great bullet selection. And the bullets that are available have a pretty low BC. So unless you have to hunt in a no sabot state like CO, you're usually better off with sabots in a 50.

Here's a couple videos that show what you can do with full bore in a 45cal.


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