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Getting kids away from electronics... one day’s activity


Staff member
This was our day. The start of it.
The tick-tock, YouTube & garbage gets pretty limited in our house.
We been reinforcing this old tree fort at farm. Putting in new posts next week. Got a little camp fire area made and enough firewood when we finished to last 20 campfires solid. Love seeing these kids adventuring. I did some iron wood clean up & lil tsi as well & these kids spent about whole day on this. & found a new family pet!


Active Member
I'm surprised the opposum and dog got nose to nose without all the hissing and barking I'd expect.
Good to see everyone out with the warm up!


Active Member
Cool tree house and good job getting the kids outdoors.
My dog loves those pets but they aren't very playfull when he's done with them.


PMA Member
Dude, that's a sweet tree fort. My brothers and I spent all our time playing army in the woods and building forts growing up. We dragged 8 sheets of corrugated tin roofing deep in the woods for walls of our triple level fort we built. It was cool until two of the trees rotted from all the nails and we had to tear it all down. We never had a gaming system growing up so playing outside was all we knew.
I have nephews that didn't learn to ride bikes till they were like 10 and 12 and had no clue how to swing a baseball bat, they can kick your tail at call of duty though. Sad deal, some of these parents need to do more of what you're doing.
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