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Hard spring


Been awhile since posting, but been busy rehabbing a shoulder.

Took the boy out opening day and after a very long afternoon we had 3 toms charge in at about 7:30, right before fly up. He popped the strutter and called it a night.

After that I couldn't get either of my daughters to go out so I concentrated on my Ironman training for Des Moines. That kept me busy and didn't get out for myself at all. Then a few weeks ago I had a streak of bad luck and dumped my bike going about 30 mph downhill. I separated my shoulder very bad, broke 4 ribs, had all sorts of bumps/bruises, and managed a solid concussion. The good news was I had a helmet on, or else Skip would have had to make a tribute thread for me.

About a week after my accident I got really rammy... I gathered up the kids 20 ga, a couple decoys, and popped some pain killers. I went to a close by spot and hobbled out to a fence corner and sat down. It was just a gorgeous day and when a jaker trotted up and I let him have it. Had to shoot lefty to preserve my ribs but it all worked out and it was great to get that hunt in.

So after I shot that jake I got yelled at by my wife and she grounded me. I was able to take Alex out this last weekend and he managed to put a 3rd bird in our freezer. It was a bearded hen , but he didn't care in the slightest... until it squirted poop juice all over when he picked it up.

All in all I'm so very thankful for this season, even though it was exceedingly difficult and frustrating. I could be in a pine wood box. I did get recent info saying that my rotator cuff and labrum are fully intact. After 3 months of PT I should make a solid recovery and still be able to draw a bow this fall. I may still need screws to put the collar bone back in place but the odds are in my favor at this point.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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PMA Member
Ouch! On the injury. Glad to hear that you will make a full recovery. Way to salvage the turkey season too.


PMA Member
Holly crap, I was wondering where you've been. Hope your recovery goes well, I could feel the pain looking at the pics!
I had to laugh with "the wife grounded me" after catching you turkey hunting :D

Gret bird your son got, congrats to him!


Staff member
Holy cow!!!! Mixed response here!!!! Glad we didn’t have a tribute thread!!! & glad you made some great memories on the birds. You are an animal!!! Congrats to you and fam & best wishes on the recovery!!!


Wow, that is a rough spring. Amazing any turkeys were killed after the accident. You are tough! Glad you will be OK.


I just figured you were busy guiding the whole fam on the turks. Scary report, glad it appears you are on the mend.


Land of the Whitetail
Wow, glad you were not hurt worse. Nice job having the helmet on. As an avid cyclist myself I always cringe when I see riders without one. Very impressive to still get out and hunt after the injury! Hope healing up goes well


Well-Known Member
My buddy has a busted up collarbone too (from a bike fall too). It sticks up so much his grandkids call it "Pa's parrot" lol. Get well soon


Sorry to hear about the injuries but congrats on salvaging turkey season with some great memories. Good news on being ready to go for bow season.
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