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Heavy 10 down


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I believe this is only the second buck I have killed that I have specifically targeted. I didn’t get any pictures of him until the middle of October and he was the only buck on that property that I wanted to chase. I had hunted in there quite a few times with no sightings of him. On the evening on November 21st I had a fairly slow hunt until about 20 minutes left of light when I looked north and could see deer moving in the woods about 150 yards away. It turned out to be five bucks around one doe with the heavy 10 being in charge. I decided to leave my stand and sticks in the tree and come back the next morning since I knew he was in the area.

The morning of the 22nd I climbed in and got settled before light. A few minutes prior to shooting light a small buck cruised through and then about 15 minutes later another younger buck did the same. Around 7:00am I had a doe come from the south then make a big circle back in. I had a doe tag in my pocket and when she nervously stood in front of me for 10 minutes trying to figure out what I was I decided she hung around for too long and she got an arrow and died within sight. Right after that a small buck came in was checking out the commotion. I was watching him circle around the doe when I heard a noise and looked south and saw the heavy 10 at 50 yards staring at the small buck. He worked his way in towards me and got to about 12 yards but was standing in some heavy cover. At one point he glanced up at me and he eventually turned around and headed back towards where I initially saw him. I thought my one and only chance at him was over. The buck then circled around the backside of my tree and I was able to lean over a limb and shoot him at 10 yards on the backside of the tree and he went down about 60 yards later. I was shocked it worked out and that he circled back around and gave me an opportunity.

He’s quite narrow and has short tines but he isn’t lacking on the mass.


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Very cool buck, crazy mass on that brute! Nice work on getting it done late!

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Cool deer!! The way the 3s and 4s angle forward and towards each other is neat. Congrats on accomplishing what you set out to do this season.
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Mini-moose!!! Awesome buck & story, congrats!!!

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