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Hometown hero


Life Member
It is with a heavy heart that I ask you all to say a special prayer for some friends of mine who lost their son, Kenny Nally, in Iraq this week. He was a local Iowa boy who worked at the local gas station and wanted to be a police officer. He was a specail kid. I was his mentor and friend ever since he was in elementary school. I went on his class senior trip last year to the Ozarks and watched him graduate at a small school in Hamburg, IA. He joined the Army soon after school. I remember when he graduated from the DARE class I taught when he was in 6th grade, the special cake he had his mom make me for the after party. He was always at my heels. I lost a kid I loved very much this week but I could not be more proud of this young man and what he was doing for his country and for me and my family. Lets not forget that there are still alot of young men and women over there fighting and losing their lives daily. Just because it is not a big media event anymore lets not lose focus on what is still going on. God bless you Kenny---I will miss you! God bless America


Trper, your words really hit home. My wife and I must of read your post 10 times. Our prayers are with you.

rattle them in

All my prayers are with you and Kenny's family.
Freedom is never free!!
I just thank God that there are BRAVE people like young Kenny that protect us and our freedom.


Life Member
The most disheartning thing was he was only 19 years old. The kid had no fear. Thank god for young men such as him. God has a new soldier in his army.
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