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IBA Banquet


Active Member
Description of the hunts that will be on the auction


Africa Hunt - Infinito Safaris
African Plains Game Hunt from Infinito Safaris – over $5000 value; two people; 2 days travel
and five day bowhunt in South Africa (extra days can be added at $350/day); includes meals,
lodging, housekeeping, beverages, PH, trackers, and skinners; field preparation of trophies;
delivery to local taxidermist for dip and ship or mounting; animals included are 1 Impala Ram,
and 1 Blesbok Ram (other animals and hunting days can be added); hunters are responsible for
$500 fee ($250 each) for airport transfers to camp and back to airport; airfare to Johannesburg
is not included; hunt must take place June 16-21, 2021 or in June or August of 2022, and can
travel with Daves’ group which goes every June. Infinito Safaris has local Iowa representation
at Double Lung Archery Inc., LaPorte City, Iowa. No need to call or email South Africa.

Africa Hunt - Matlabas Game Hunters
Value $8000 – Minimum ten day plains game hunt for two hunters in the malaria-free
Matlabas Bushveldt, Limpopo Province, South Africa. Hunt is available in 2021 or 2022
between April 1 st and October 30 th . Hunters are responsible for $250 fee each way for airport
transfers to camp and back to airport; airfare to Johannesburg is not included. Donation
consists of $4000 credit towards daily rates and trophy fees for each of two hunters of various
animals. Includes accommodation, meals, laundry service, pH, trackers, skinners, field
preparation of trophies and delivery to a taxidermist. Excursions and other activities for non-
hunters as well as tours and/or photographic safaris at the end of the hunting safari are also
available. A safari to the Kruger National Park is very popular with visitors. Fishing, scuba
diving, and/or wing shooting is also available prior to or after the hunting safari.

Hog Hunt - Rockytop Ranch
Oklahoma Hog Hunt – $700 value; two people; 2-days, 2-nights hunt for one management hog
per hunter; bunkhouse to stay in with all facilities; heated cleaning facilities; tree
stands/ladder stands/blinds; transportation to and from hunting sites; walk-in cooler; non-
hunters are $50/night; extra nights are $50/night; kids 12 and under stay free with paying
adults; 14 years and under get hunt for $200 with paying adult. Five or more hunters are
required when booking a weekend. Valid through end of October 2021.

Pheasant Hunt - Heritage 1865 Outfitters
Iowa Pheasant Hunt from Heritage 1865 - $4000 value; four people; 1 night accommodation; 1
day hunt; 3 meals a day; alcohol at your request; experienced guides and dogs; hunting
licenses; bird cleaning and packaging available; available through March 30, 2022.

Bear Hunt - Nipigon River Bear Hunts
Canadian Black Bear Hunt from Nipigon River – over $5500 value; two people; 6 night
accommodations; fully guided bowhunt; large bear population on 400 square miles; pope and
young bears taken every year; baited stands; skinning, freezing, and trophy care; hunt must
take place 2021. Does not include license, travel, food, border fees, etc.

Dove Hunt
Argentina dove hunt from Norte Hunters - $3,800 value; wing shooting in Cordoba, Argentina;
4 hunters, 3 days (6 hunts with high volume dove shooting), 3 nights at our lodge;
transportation to the shooting field; all meals and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic),
bilingual guide. Does not include airfare; shells ($13.80/box); gun rental ($80/day/person);
hunting license ($70/day/person); airport transfer ($150/person); land hunting fee
($200/person); tips (suggested - bird boy $50/day/person, lodge and field staff $200/person).
Hunt trip must be taken within one year of purchase, but the limit can be extended for
another year with a $300 payment. Additional hunters may be added for $660/day (all
included except bird boy tip and shells) and non-hunters for $330/day. If less than 4 hunters
attend, there will be a $300 fee per vacant to validate voucher.


Active Member
Last Chance for tickets for the Banquet. There will be a very small amount at the door but only a few. Looks like we will have a decent turn out under the circumstances..

Tom Miranda is the speaker.


PMA Member
Tickets bought. Random question. Any tvs on site during the down time and registration period before it kicks off? It is March madness and all


Active Member
UHHMM Good question. I'm not sure but I imagine we can find something. Pretty sure I'm going to have that perfect bracket this year.


If we do find any TVs they will be tuned to the Cubs spring training game, but I can be bribed...........

I have information on how to make opossum pelts shine like a golden egg in the Easter sun. Not to mention they stay softer than goose down.

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Life Member
Intriguing bribes, er uhh I mean offers, but what if I said NCAA wrestling instead of Cubs?

I tried the Russian version of golden possum fleece in the Cedar River. Looked like a turd only because the pelt picks up what's in the water. In my case it was crap that CR flushed. Well, turds on a turd for a turd. I shouldn't have expected anything else but geez I wish Cedar Rapidians would change their diet. I have been known to polish turds in the past, and I have come to the conclusion that a polished turd is still a turd.

They still make that Dog Style swill? There was a six pack of headaches in every can. I'd go for the Hawkeye Whisky if it was in a sealed bottle of Makers.
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