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Let’s Eat! (The Ishi legacy thread)


Bare Shelves Biden
Reverse Seared Venison Inner Loins

I found this new rub that can be used as is or mixed with beer to be a marinade.
It’s a newer rub and kinda hard to find without ordering from a website. They make six different rubs and the two I have are very good.


Mixed the marinade up and let them brew for 5 hrs.


Smoked for one hour then pulled while the grill reached searing temps.


Seared for 4 minutes per side


I’m learning my new pellet grill and the loins after slicing into one were still rubbing trees like rare/medium but so tender and great taste.


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Wapsi Tree Rat

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Needed something to pull me out of my annual mid January depression.
Super easy.

Strap trimmed clean
Virgin olive oil
Heavy Montreal steak seasoning
Grill HOT (450-500) for 4 minutes, rolling it 1 minute per side untill seared.
Decrease heat to 325-350, flipping one more time at 90 degree internal temp.
Remove from grill at 122.
After 7-10 minutes, temp rises to 130-132.
I usually cut in after peak temp and 2 degrees cooling.

Do this with almost any cut and you'll never "grind up a deer" ever again!

Grinder 2.JPGGrinder 3.JPGgrinder 4.JPG
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