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Little longbow help


So I recently started shooting a long bow and am having some difficulties. But about every 3rd or 4th shot it seems like my arrow is snapping the bow, making a snapping sound. I’m shooting a 500 spine with 125 grain points. When they don’t snap they seem to fly true. Is there some sort of follow through I need to do?

Easton Harber

New Member
It depends on how many pounds and how long your arrows are. If you’re pulling back a lot of pounds and if your arrows are long you might need a stiffer arrow. It might also help to try and shoot a lighter point.


I’m pulling 52 pounds. 31 inch arrows at a 28 inch draw. I was shooting 100 grain and switched to 125 and it helped with my arrow flight. Thinking of maybe trying to try and even heavier point.


What type of longbow? Is it a hill style where the grip and arrow shelf are wide and the arrow has to twist around the bow? Or is a more modern style where the arrow shelf is cut closer to the center of the bow?
Are you familiar with tuning an arrow to the bow using a bare shaft to test if the flight is working with the tip weight and shaft length you are using?
If not there are some good helpful tips on YouTube under bareshaft tuning traditional bows. It’s not hard to do but does take some time and can be challenging while you build your form as a shooter. But it’s worth the effort to get good straight arrow flight.


New Member
Possible that you are losing back tension and creeping forward. I caught myself doing this once by videoing myself with the camera pointed at my drawing hand. Watching in slow mo, I could see my drawing hand creeping forward. Causes the arrow to act very stiff and could create a slap on the riser.

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